Governments claim lockdowns are to protect the vulnerable while launching unprecedented attacks on disabled people

By Jonathon Van Maren

It is an ugly irony that while Western nations lock down entire populations in their attempt to “protect the weak and vulnerable” from COVID-19, our growing eugenic mindset has been starkly highlighted in near-weekly news stories.

Most prominently, there is the revelation that — as many conservatives both suspected and reported — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo hid the true numbers of nursing home deaths in his state. Cuomo had ordered nursing homes to admit or readmit COVID patients, and the virus felled thousands as a result. As Cuomo scrabbles angrily to control the damage to his career, New York Democrats have been stunned to realize that the death count is at least 50% higher than Cuomo’s government reported, with nearly 13,000 dead.

Cuomo’s irritated response to persistent questions about the parents and grandparents who died on his watch and because of his policies: “Who cares [where they died]? They died!”


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