Trudeau government withholds funds to New Brunswick for refusing to fund private abortion clinic

Justin Trudeau’s passion for the abortion cause is well-known and long-standing, and his government has just targeted New Brunswick once again for refusing to fund an independent abortion clinic in Fredericton. From Global News:

The federal government has reduced the Canada Health Transfer to New Brunswick by approximately $140,000, saying the province has failed in its obligation to fund out-of-hospital abortions. It’s only the latest event in the dispute over abortion funding between the two levels of government.

In New Brunswick, abortions are only funded by the provincial government at three locations: two hospitals in Moncton and one hospital in Bathurst — locations that critics say limit accessibility for those who need the procedure. Abortions are only offered in limited locations because previous provincial governments have not repealed a regulation, known as Regulation 84-20, banning the funding of abortions outside of hospitals.

New Brunswick refused to pay for abortion services offered at Clinic 554, a private facility in Fredericton. As a result, it was forced to close down late last year. Blaine Higgs’ PC government has said that it believes it is complying with the Canada Health Act. Ottawa has disagreed. The federal government reduced the Canada Health Transfer to New Brunswick by $140,216, as a result of patient charges for abortion services provided outside of hospitals in 2017…Now the federal government has reiterated its belief by lowering the 2021 Canada Health Transfer to New Brunswick by $140,000.

Canada’s abortion activists have turned Clinic 554 into a hobby horse, insisting that it is an egregious violation of women’s rights if a private abortion clinic does not receive government dollars. Thus far, the provincial government appears to be ignoring them.

One thought on “Trudeau government withholds funds to New Brunswick for refusing to fund private abortion clinic

  1. Navi says:

    This clinic has supposedly been on the verge of permanently closing since it was owned by Morgentaler back in 2013. It never actually happens, suggesting that it’s more a publicity stunt to bully New Brunswick into covering abortions rather than an actual lack of funding. Yet the media never seems to investigate the issue any further than regurgitating the abortion clinic’s press releases. An interview with local pro-life advocates, perhaps someone that knows more about the history of the clinic, would be an interesting one.

    At any rate, good on Premier Higgs for standing strong. A real contrast to the leadership in my province, which folded like a lawn chair and provided universal taxpayer coverage for RU-486 as soon as a couple university students whined about it.

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