Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden stunned that Biden is keeping his pro-abortion promises

There’s naivete, there’s stupidity, and then there’s this letter from Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden, who are shocked–hurt, even–that the man who ran on the most pro-abortion platform in the history of American presidential politics is keeping his promises and doing the things he said he would:


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I suppose it’s good that they’re condemning Biden’s move. According to Robert P. George, there are plenty of folks who held their noses and voted for Biden and aren’t objecting to Biden’s pro-abortion policies.

But the idea that pro-life evangelicals are welcome in the Democratic Party for anything other than their votes during tight elections? Genuinely laughable. Biden is happy to have these folks in the tent, but not on the platform. He’s keeping his public promises. His private assurances behind closed doors, apparently, couldn’t be trusted. And the two signatories of this letter are stunned.

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