Biden’s pick for HHS secretary calls unborn “a future baby” to justify support for partial-birth abortion

Back in December, many pro-lifers began highlighting the ugly abortion extremism of Joe Biden’s choice for Health and Human Services, California attorney general Xavier Becerra. Senator Mitt Romney pressed him on his stance on partial birth abortion–Becerra voted against banning it–and Becerra responded by calling the child in the womb being brutally dismembered a “future baby.” Watch:

It goes without saying that there is no such thing as a “future baby.” That’s something Becerra made up on the spot to justify his support of a gruesome procedure that involves slicing a hole in a baby’s skull and sucking her brains out. Not a “future baby”–a baby. Perhaps Becerra needs to be familiarized with the Endowment for Human Development, or a medical textbook. It might be harder to justify his barbarism if he was deprived of the fiction of a “future baby” and came face to face with the babies he believes can be killed on a whim.

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