The desperately sad story of Ellen Page

By Jonathon Van Maren

On May 29, 2014, TIME Magazine published a cover story titled “The Transgender Tipping Point,” featuring Orange is the New Black actor Laverne Cox, a biological male identifying as a woman. The story was heralded as groundbreaking moment for the trans movement, and the cover itself was as much of a tipping point as the cultural shifts it described. Media coverage of this sort, much like political polling, is designed to shape public opinion as much as gauge it. Saying that there is a tipping point does much to make it so.

The just-released March 29 cover dedicates the famous red frame to the transgender movement once again. There is a photo of actress Ellen Page, hair cropped short, a mournful expression on her face, wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans. Page now identifies as Elliot and claims to be a male. Previously, Page had identified as a lesbian, and married a woman. They’ve since split.

TIME’s story was a glowing endorsement of Page’s latest coming out. Their story — as well as the stories covering their story published in nearly every Western publication — obediently called Page a “he,” and the saga was one of a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, if a butterfly came out with various body parts severed, discarded, and sewed back up. In Page’s case, she underwent what is called “top surgery” — a double mastectomy. “Healthcare” in the age of trans includes the amputation of healthy breasts, and if you question that, you’re a transphobe.


18 thoughts on “The desperately sad story of Ellen Page

  1. Walter Neptune says:

    This is a really biased article. The language you use is clearly meant to sway readers rather than just inform. To be frank, I’m a little dissapointed.

    • Jonathon Van Maren says:

      It is an opinion column, so it be definition includes my bias. All articles on this site written by me are intended to sway readers *by* informing them. I thought my bias is pretty up front, to be honest.

      • Leah Laviticus says:

        Thanks for having a backbone. Pretty rare these days.

        Actually, I find the language that you are nowadays supposed to use extremely biased and just wrong. “Gender affirming care” (especially the word “care”, but also “affirming” and “gender”), “top surgery”, “sex assigned at birth” – all newspeak and misleading, even harmful.

        Just thinking about it for 2 minutes and the implications makes me cringe.

    • Nota Sheep says:

      I’m disappointed that a woman can stand next to me, and say…”I’m a man just like you”. But when I state the truth ( not their truth). I’m a bigot or whatever buzzword they think of.
      To be frank, I think it’s you that has been “swayed” as you say.

  2. J says:

    I have to say I was very disappointed to hear that this happened. I found out by looking up the cast of a show only to see an actor in place of a female character which confused me. For a second I questioned if a male had played all those different roles as a female, and googled it until I figured it out. I’m being selective with my words because God forbid I accidentally use they’s old name and get called a phobe.
    Not my life so it doesn’t really concern me, but I can’t say i’m still a fan of theirs i’m honest. I personally don’t see much integrity there, it seems like an ego flex or something more than “finding ones true self”. What is annoying is the name being changed retro-actively to streaming platforms on movies filmed years ago. It’s confusing and inaccurate.
    I have nothing against trans, gay, straight, or whatever you want to be. If someone legally changed their name under any other circumstances, would said name be changed on movie credits produced before said name change?

    • Frank Burns says:

      I used to get confused by a similar thing. I am a boxing fan who was born in 1977. By the time I understand the sport, Muhammad Ali had his name for thirty years.

      Sometimes I would look at a back catalog and see Clay vs. Liston (1 or 2) but then sometimes see this Ali vs. Liston… it’s the same fight? What? Huh?

      Society doesn’t have a hard and fast rule for the correct and accurate recording of media attached to a personality who changes his or her name, whether gender is part of that change or not.

      I think it is hard for some of us to unlearn a name once we learn it the first time. To me, The Matrix is *still* a movie by the Wachowski (sp?) Brothers… even though they are both fully transitioned females.

      I mean zero disrespect… I just learned that duo as “The Brothers” first… and it stuck. Hard.

      Now ask me about my understanding of Daylight Saving’s Time having lived for about 8 months in Arizona as a nine year old. I learned that talking to relatives in Virginia, I’d sometimes be 2 hours apart, but sometimes 3… that’s how DST works, right?

      Nope. I finally figured it out when I was 29. Arizona was the odd duck, not the rest of the country…

      Give all the data collators a pass on whatever Page calls itself… they’re pedants. They WANT it to be right… they really, really do. But what’s right keeps on moving because it’s completely subjective…

  3. Jeremy James says:

    I wish Elliot Page a successful career. However Ellen Page existed and she was a great actress. You can’t rewrite history. I have the dvds Elliot Page was not in inception.

  4. Dosh Fellow says:

    She’s a woman with body dismorphia, crooked doctors are cashing in on selling her this horrible unnatural solution. Rather than seek counseling and learning to love her body she would rather disfigure it, and chase some unattainable messed up fantasy.

    • Tim Peakman says:

      I reading this article just now but totally agree. I feel she could not find a way to deal with some of er past mentally and this was her escape. Can’t help but to think she never had the right support but rather people who enabled her. Sad story indeed as she was a beautiful women and never properly learnt to love her body is right.

    • Bort Simpson says:

      This is true it’s all a money making scheme by these sick doctors, drug companies, and therapists. She was such a pretty girl and it’s a damn shame she destroyed her life with this nonsense. This happens way more with women because they are usually in a vulnerable state or victims of sexual trauma. Instead of learning healthy coping skills these doctors are training them to hate their bodies and to become something else. When did this country have such a warped mine to think this crap was ok?

      I’m playing Beyond 2 souls now. A movie like game where she’s the lead actress. She and William Defoe did such a great job. It’s so sad to see her ruin her life and her career with this nonsense. Cause once the hype fades, she’ll be tossed aside so they can destroy the next actress’s life.

  5. Mother says:

    Revolution awareness to protect — non-chromosome irregular/non-abnormalities minors with Gender.Dysphoria; neuroscience find FACTS to dissolve gender dysphoric children/youth/teens from belief in unnatural gender image altering meds/body mutilation.

    Mind-re-self-believing in the believer needs mental stability support to be naturally whom they were born to be within their own skin.

  6. Shannon Hartfield says:

    I didn’t really think I had a problem with people having these surgeries, until I saw what Ellen did to her self. I googled”top surgery” pics and what I saw disturbed me for the rest of the day. I was so sad for her…him… the person. Instead of this sexy tomboy who was so damn appealing, especially to women, now I see disfigurement, an irreversible choice based on the social movement at the time. I hurt for the person.

  7. Joshua says:

    For any sane rational normal person, I have big news. BRICS+ Russia has passed laws banning 100% LGBTQIA+-*/ propaganda. Anyone caught peddling LGBTQ+-*/ propaganda in Russia will face arrest and deportation. I posted this because I know families with small children want to run away from this satanic insanity screaming and now there is a place to run. I’ve been told very soon 83 countries will be meeting in St. Petersburg Russia to devise a plan to sink the US dollar. For any sane normal family, please check out Fr. Joseph Gleason on Substack. He moved to Russia years ago to protect his family. Also for those of you who have not seen the Matt Walsh documentary, ‘ What is a woman?’ I highly recommend it. Hope this helps everyone, before we all die in a nuclear holocaust. Cheers.

  8. David says:

    Today I saw a recent photo of Ellen and I recoiled, then felt my heart sink. She is now a picture of horrific mental illness made worse by procedures which are accepted and encouraged by popular opinion.

    I began looking for others that shared this opinion by first going to Google, then progressively more obscure search engines before I found this blog post. But something tells me this opinion is shared by far more people than a Google search might suggest.

    • Jas says:

      Sadly, I have to agree. Ellen Page was beautiful and I loved her work. Part of me wants to say it’s his body, his choice…but those photos just seem so melancholy and doleful and *small*. I just have a hard time seeing how this transition is something to be celebrated, and I wonder if he’s really going to be comfortable over the long-term.

      • Bill Buttkiss says:

        You mean she, and she’s. She is still a woman after all. Albeit a horribly disfigured woman. She has woman DNA. That won’t change no matter what you do to your body. #stopwokedead

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