This is what a baby killed by the abortion pill looks like

As the abortion pill increasingly becomes the preferred method of killing children in the womb, more and more women are coming face to face with the babies that they aborted. My friend Laura Klassen of Choice42 recently posted one horrifying photo with this information:

This was just sent to me anonymously. My source says this picture was taken in a South African hospital. This baby was the victim of the abortion pill. The fetus was 15 weeks old. Apparently the mother took three times the amount of pills in order to “complete the abortion faster” and after arriving at the hospital and delivering her baby, she herself ended up dying after internally bleeding.







If you’re wondering what a baby looks like when he or she is at an even younger age:


If you know anyone who has taken the abortion pill, there may still be time to save the baby:

Everyone should see this. Share it.

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