Pride Month shows why Christians must opt out of mainstream American culture

By Jonathon Van Maren

Nothing highlights the extent to which the Overton Window has shifted away from Judeo-Christian values to those of the sexual revolution like children’s entertainment during “Pride Month.” Those of you who follow the culture updates posted in this space will be aware that the queering of children’s entertainment has been moving at a rapid clip for some time; but in June, things tend to speed up. There was the Blue’s Clues jingle for kids sung by the drag queen, and new kid’s content for Pride is being pumped out almost daily.

There’s plenty of swag being advertised, too. Nickelodeon is pushing shoes for kids that sport Sponge Bob Squarepants with the Pride rainbow and the slogan “With Imagination, I Can Be Anything I Want.” In this context, of course, they mean bisexual, transgender, or any of the other options available in our ever-expanding alphabet of sexual minorities. Sponge Bob Squarepants, incidentally, was outed as gay a while back. Children’s cartoon characters remained closeted until it became corporately convenient to out them.

On June 5, Nickelodeon also released a song targeted at kids called “The Meaning of Pride,” featuring “Drag Queen Nina West,” and designed to teach kids the precepts of Pride — an original for children to “celebrate by lifting up voices in the LGBTQIA+ community!” If children (or adults, for that matter) are unaware of what that lengthening acronym refers to, you can be assured that there is more children’s programming coming your way to explain it all. Parents who like to use cartoons to babysit their kids for an hour or two can be assured that their children will be well taken care of by a very educational drag queen. (It does bear mentioning, however, that the video has 1,000 likes and 9,700 dislikes.)


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