Pro-lifers push back as the EU prepares to pass radical statement on abortion and sexuality

One of the key ways the abortion industry has normalized feticide internationally is to utilize organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union and other supranational institutions to label abortion “healthcare” or a “human right.” That is what is currently going on at the EU with the so-called “Matic Report.” As Citizen Go described it:

The report has the official title “The situation of sexual and reproductive health and rights in the EU from the perspective of women’s health.” The most serious aspect of the report is that it considers abortion as a “human right” and advocates for abortion without any restriction: The report “calls for the removal of barriers” to access abortion like “waiting periods”, “the denial of medical care based on personal beliefs”, “counseling” or any “third party authorization”.

Moreover, abortion – as well as health care – is a matter of exclusive jurisdiction of the member states and the European Union has no jurisdiction over it.

If the Matic Report is adopted, it would be not only a gross interference into the sovereignty of member states but also the imposition of abortion-on-demand policies without any restrictions. The recent Polish ban on eugenic abortion, for example, would be put on hold if abortion is considered a human right.

But abortion is not the only contentious issue in this controversial report. Here is a summary of the highlights:

  • The Matic Report calls for the abolition of the right to conscientious objection of medical personnel. The Matic Report’s goal is to make it impossible for pro-life doctors to oppose killing a human being by abortion. According to the the report, denying abortion by a doctor would be “addressed as denial of medical care”. So if a doctor said NO to abortion, this would mean the end of his career.
  • Abortion and contraception for girls “regardless of age” without parental consent.
  • LGTB and Gender indoctrination from primary school without informing or requiring parental consent. 
  • Irreversible so-called “sex change” surgeries, including for minors all paid for by public health systems.
  • Interference with the exclusive jurisdiction of the Member States over the definition and management of their domestic health systems or their national health policy choices. 

The Matic Report is probably the most aggressive project ever presented in the European Parliament.

Several groups have already taken a stand against it, but others are enthusiastically in favor. The only way to stop this radical and ideological report is for the European People’s Party (supposedly center-right) to vote against it. But the European Parliament is under intense pressure from powerful international groups to conform to the abortion agenda.

Pro-life groups across Europe have been attempting to expose the radicalism of the Matic Report and are preparing to respond in the likelihood that it passes. The Polish bishops have already condemned it, as have other clergy from throughout the EU. Slovakia’s parliament also passed a resolution on June 17 condemning the Matic Report and stating that issues of sexuality and abortion should be left to member states to decide.

We will see what happens after the Report is passed.

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