Tucker Carlson’s bombshell speech in Hungary

Some of you have been following the ongoing back-and-forth between the old guard neocons and right-wingers such as Rod Dreher and Tucker Carlson, who have been in Hungary recently and positively highlighted many aspects of the conservative regime there. If you’d like a good rundown of the controversy, The European Conservative has just published a summary of it; Rod Dreher gave his take here. I recently wrote an essay on Hungary’s political pushback to the Sexual Revolution, as well–there’s a lot to admire, in my view–which is precisely why so many progressives and neocons are so enraged by Tucker’s willingness to give Orban good press.

Anyway, I’ll be writing another piece about this debate soon, as I suspect that your support or opposition to Orban’s government has a lot to do with whether you see populism or wokeism as a greater threat to civilization. For now, here’s the speech Tucker Carlson gave in Hungary that’s triggered such frothing amongst the American media elites. Listen to it for yourself, and ask yourself: Is this creeping fascism, as David Frum et al would have us believe? Or is it something much different?

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