28-year-old mom with cancer chooses to amputate leg rather than abort baby (and other stories)

Another roundup of news and commentary from around the interwebs.


Bad news for Pornhub, which means good news for everyone:

A California judge ruled Friday that the majority of a teen’s child pornography and sex-trafficking suit against embattled X-rated purveyor Pornhub can move forward. The teenager filed suit anonymously under the name Jane Doe in February, alleging that Pornhub and its parent company MindGeek profited off the videos taken of her when she was just 16.

Her ex-boyfriend posted the videos to Pornhub and another MindGeek site, RedTube, in December 2019, with one of the videos featured on the latter site’s front page receiving 30,000 views, her suit said. MindGeek — which has been sued by dozens of other alleged victims — asked a judge to toss the suit, claiming immunity since it didn’t create or post the video.

Read the entire thing at the New York Post.


A 38-year-old transgender MMA fighter calling himself Alana McLaughlin used a brutal chokehold to submit 32-year-old Celine Provost in a fight. Because McLaughlin now identifies as female, he can compete in MMA competitions—despite serving as a special forces operative for years as a brawny, bearded warrior. At some point, a woman is going to get killed fighting a man identifying as a woman—but in the meantime, everybody pretends that this is perfectly normal.


This story, from the Daily Mail, is both inspiring and heartbreaking:

She was stunned to find out not only had her bone cancer had returned, but she was pregnant and doctors gave her two options – abort her baby so she could start chemotherapy or have her leg amputated. It took Kathleen one night to make her life-changing decision and at four months pregnant she had her leg amputated.

Tragically – eight weeks before the birth of her daughter Aida-May – an MRI scan revealed cancer on her lungs had returned and was declared terminal. Kathleen’s battle with cancer started when she was just 11, after a painful lump on her right leg turned out to be osteosarcoma in 2005. She had chemotherapy for the bone cancer and had most of her kneecap removed as well as two metal rods inserted into her leg. Kathleen was clear of cancer for 11 years and welcomed two sons, Hayden, now nine, and Leo, now five, before she discovered that the cancer had returned in 2016, this time on her lungs.

Read the entire thing.


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