The taxpayer-funded CBC launches new TV show on a “queer, trans-feminine Muslim”

By Jonathon Van Maren

If you are a tax-paying Canadian citizen, your wages are garnished in part to fund the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the nation’s state broadcaster. The CBC has always been cartoonishly liberal; those who listen to or watch the CBC’s programs expect the bias and account for it.

But in the last few years, it’s become nearly impossible to listen to CBC radio for any length of time without being subjected to another glowing profile of some sexual minority in one of Canada’s multicultural communities. I can’t count the number of “human interest” transgender stories I’ve caught snippets of on the radio. The agenda is obvious.

As some of you might remember, the CBC even released a documentary a couple of years ago promoting “Drag Kids,” attempting to mainstream the sexualization of children and portraying drag as a great activity for kids. The content was bad enough; the fact that we’re paying for it is rage-inducing. Prime Minister Stephen Harper could have crippled the CBC during his tenure, but chose not to. It was a mistake.

CBC’s latest show almost defies parody. The TV series is called “Sort of,” starring Bilal Baig. Here’s how one Toronto publication described it:

“Sort Of” follows Toronto millennial Sabi Mehboob, a gender fluid, Canadian-Pakistani as they navigate the twists and turns of, well … life. The show has everything. Sabi struggles with their gender identity and sexuality, friendships, work, and relationships all while coming of age. Based loosely on Bilal Baig’s life, “Sort Of” is the first show on TV to star a trans-feminine, queer, Muslim actor. Not only is the show breaking down barriers in subject matter on mainstream television, but providing on-screen representation for those who may not have had that prior.

Yeah. Reread that for a moment. Your tax dollars pay for that. Also notice that the writer uses the pronoun “they” to talk about a single person, because everything is stupid now. The profile is replete with various shots of Baig dressed in women’s clothes and striking feminine poses, and he is glowingly described as “heavily involved in the creative and queer communities” and “a leader for other trans and queer folks around the city.”


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