Wi Spa “transgender” turns out to be serial sexual predator (and other stories)

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In Switzerland, 64% of people voted to legalize same-sex marriage on Sunday. Switzerland, which is the 30th country in the world to redefine marriage, also legalized adoption of unrelated children by same-sex couples and made it possible for lesbians to conceive through sperm donation.


Over at Free to Care, Colette Aikema has a powerful essay titled “Who in their right mind chooses ‘conversion therapy’?” If you’ve been following the debate over conversion therapy, please do give it a read. You could also peruse my new piece on Netflix’s Pray Away documentary, which includes an interview with Sam Allberry.


I have a new piece up at The American Conservative on Antifa, featuring a review of Andy Ngo’s powerful new book Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy and an interview with the man himself.


Remember the Wi Spa pervert who exposed himself to women and girls, was called out by an enraged black woman, and was then defended by the mainstream press, who called the female outrage a “transphobic hoax”? The one who was later discovered to be a serial predator? Well, the New York Post has some new details on the delicate young lady being so vilely persecuted by transphobes:

A judge in Los Angeles County Superior Court issued a second arrest warrant for Darren Agee Merager, 52, on Sept. 8 after Merager failed to appear at a hearing related to six felony charges of indecent exposure in connection with a previous case at a West Hollywood swimming pool. Merager, a registered sex offender in California for two prior convictions of indecent exposure, identifies as a woman, but law enforcement sources said that’s a ruse to get into women’s-only areas. In the Wi Spa case, Merager is accused of exposing an erect penis to four women and a minor girl…

Though declared a “hoax” by some media outlets, Merager was eventually charged as the suspect on Aug. 30. Sources tell The Post that Merager had been banned by Wi Spa back in 2019 due to customer complaints of an erection in the women’s section, but Merager wasn’t recognized by the front desk in June because they were wearing a mask. (Wi Spa did not respond for comment.)

“I don’t remember being banned,” Merager says, adding there was one complaint but maintains it was meritless and based on transphobia. Five females, including “Cubana Angel” and a minor girl, came forth as victims to the Los Angeles Police Department. They allege Merager was partially erect. In Merager’s ongoing West Hollywood Park swimming pool case, multiple women and minor girls also accuse Merager of being erect in the changing room.

Merager, who stands 6-foot-2 and weighs around 200 pounds, says the women are mistaking a large appendage for an erection. “I don’t have a small penis but you can’t say that’s an erection,” Merager says. “What if you used the men’s room and someone said they don’t like the size or shape of your penis? That’s what they’re doing.”

This isn’t Merager’s first indecent exposure case. Merager was convicted in 2003 for looking through the window of an elderly woman’s home in Arcadia, Calif., while masturbating, illuminated by a flashlight. “I may have been somewhere I didn’t belong but I wasn’t doing it for [sexual] gratification and I wasn’t showing myself off,” Merager contests…Merager has also been implicated in sex crime investigations that did not result in charges. In June 2018 while on parole for a burglary conviction, Merager was identified as a suspect in an alleged indecent exposure incident at a gasoline station in Burbank, Calif. According to the police report, three customers reported to the cashier that a person with no underwear wearing a seethrough fishnet-style outfit was exposing themselves at a pump. The responding officer reviewed the surveillance video which allegedly showed the person standing by the pump for over an hour and lifting their leg onto a curb to expose themselves. Merager was identified as the suspect because of the vehicle’s license plate.

“[My parole officer] investigated me the next day and I was 100 percent cleared,” Merager says. No victims came forward to law enforcement and the case was closed.

Then on Dec. 26, 2018, police responded to the Palm Springs Swim Center after the coaches of a high school girls’ water polo team called police. According to the incident report, one of the coaches said he aggressively confronted Merager after the school girls alerted him that Merager had exposed their penis in the women’s changing room.

“Merager advised he was only showering and did not masturbate or touch himself inappropriately,” reads the police report. “He said that he would defend himself if he is threatened. He said he needs to swim to do his physical therapy.”

Merager says the confrontations and police reports are evidence of “systemic transphobia.”

“Even if I was the worst person in the world, you’re allowed to access the facility [of your gender],” Merager says, adding that she is legally female in California. The state’s civil rights law prohibits discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression. However, Merager says the law is insufficient because trans people could be criminalized on accusations of indecent exposure for being nude in changing areas or spas.

Merager wouldn’t say when it would be “safe” to report to law enforcement. The search for Merager culminated in a dramatic felony stop on a vehicle in Monterey Park, Los Angeles County last week. Multiple officers and a support helicopter was sent to respond, but the driver wasn’t Merager — it was a family member.

“They’re having a tough time tracking me down. That’s good. They’ll find me when I turn myself in,” Merager said.

Whenever that happens, Merager expects to be jailed in a women’s facility.

Our society is a sick parody of itself.


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