Andrew Lawton & Jonathon Van Maren: Are social conservatives losing the culture wars?

I joined Andrew Lawton to talk politics, social conservatism, and the pro-life movement. Check it out:


2 thoughts on “Andrew Lawton & Jonathon Van Maren: Are social conservatives losing the culture wars?

  1. Navi says:

    Great analysis, as usual. But there’s a critical difference between a backbench MP that’s quietly pro-life and an outspoken pro-life MP exiled from his party: the former gets paid 185800$ per year plus a nice pension if he lasts long enough. That might have an effect on some MPs’ behaviour.

    If memory serves me right, Justin Trudeau’s main argument when he declared his party to be 100% 100% pro-abortion wasn’t that he was a faithful Catholic but that his dad was. Surely he had enough self-awareness to know that even most Canadians aren’t stupid enough to buy that Justin himself embraces the faith (if he did, we would have thousands of glossy photos showing Justin in church with his rosary).

  2. Ernie Nesdoly says:

    Biden, too, is a Catholic who takes the same position on abortion as Trudeau. And, I believe, in both cases Catholic leadership states they would not prohibit participation in Holy Communion. Maybe more people in the US care about this but so what? Perhaps a revision of Roe vs Wade would be huge. But could we ever count on a reversal of the precedent re TWU being denied a law school because of a covenant in favour of biblical marriage and biblical sexual morality? The latter, perhaps, is one of the most evil judgements ever rendered by a supreme court in a democratic nation. By the way, thanks for an interesting discourse.

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