Trans activists are reconstructing the society you live in

Two stories again highlight how society is being reconstructed by trans activists from the top down.

The first is from California, where Uber is being chastised by the state government for not being quite woke enough despite the company’ best efforts. From The Hill:

City attorneys in three California cities are calling on Uber to describe and provide its photo and name verification policies for transgender and nonbinary drivers, warning of potential “legal ramifications” for alleged mistreatment.

A Los Angeles Times report in December claimed the accounts of trans and nonbinary drivers were suspended or blocked because their photos and documents were deemed “fraudulent” by the Uber and UberEats apps.

For the thousandth time, this is not about how trans activists choose to identify or how they see themselves, it is about forcing society—government, companies, and the public in general—to accept their self-made identity and modify their behavior, their language, and their policies in response. Many activists would like us to believe this is about “self-identification.” It is not about that. It is about social recognition.

The second story is another move by one of the world’s largest social media companies to essentially ban anyone who still believes biology matters. From National Review:

TikTok has over 1 billion monthly users, the majority of whom are under the age of 24. On Tuesday, the video-sharing app updated its Community Guidelines to ban “misgendering,” “deadnaming,” and content supporting so-called “conversion therapy.”

“Misgendering” is activist-speak for referring to a person by the pronouns associated with his or her birth sex. “Deadnaming” means referring to a person by their birth name. And “conversion therapy” — at least in the context of transgenderism — means a range of tried and tested talk-therapies used to explore root causes of gender dysphoria in the hope of helping the patient become more comfortable with his or her body.

It’s bad enough that there are countless videos on TikTok glamorizing transition and uncritically reciting the dogmas of gender ideology. But removing all counter influence in addition to this will only worsen transgender social and peer contagion. Parents, take note — TikTok is no place for kids.

In short, in both the online world and the offline world, fundamental recognition of transgender premises is becoming mandatory. We are witnessing the contours of our world changing around us. This is a civilizational change, but we are so trapped by the non-stop pace of events in the Digital Age that many of us hardly notice.

But we will all be made to notice in the coming years. This project is just getting started.

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