Baby born alive dies four days after mother takes abortion pill

By Jonathon Van Maren

When it comes to advocating new forms of feticide, abortion activists always lie. Their latest and most egregious campaign is two-fold: the mainstreaming of “at-home” abortions, in which women can simply take abortion pills at home without supervision, often through “pills-by-post”; and attacking those doctors who seek to offer hope to women who change their minds after taking the pills. Abortion activists also lie about the reality that at-home (or DIY “do-it-yourself”) abortions are dangerous to both mothers and children. 

Fortunately, abortion activists are failing in their attempts to persecute doctors who offer APR—abortion pill reversal. Most recently, Dr. Dermot Kearney of the UK had all sanctions against him dropped after an investigation by the General Medical Council into his provision of APR found no wrong-doing. Women will still have access to this essential pro-life treatment, against the wishes of activists who want them to be trapped into an irreversible decision once the abortion process has begun. To consider the opposition of “pro-choice” activists to APR is to consider the face of evil. 

The reality is that many women in the UK are taking abortion pills past both the legal and the recommended limit—sometimes intentionally, and sometimes through ignorance. This has resulted in murder investigations after babies were born alive and died when it was no longer legal to kill them (something that has happened in both the UK and the US). It has also resulted in a spike in coerced abortions, as revealed by a study commissioned by the BBC—with 1 in 20 women ages 18-24 given abortion pills without their knowledge or consent.  

All of this means that we’re going to see many more stories like this one, exposed recently by UK Right to Life 

A baby died in a hospital in Yorkshire after his mum took an abortion pill while she was 30 weeks pregnant. An unnamed mother from East Yorkshire gave birth in a toilet at York Hospital after taking a medical abortion pill, apparently after being told her baby was at just 12 weeks’ gestation when, in fact, she was 30 weeks pregnant.  

After the mother unexpectedly gave birth, having taken the abortion-inducing drug mifepristone, hospital staff realised that the baby was alive and did everything they could to resuscitate him. Named Ronnie by his parents, desperate attempts to save his life were made. However, Ronnie had multiple organ failure, and even after being placed on a ventilator, he died four days later. 

An inquest was held into the baby’s death but did not confirm whether gestational scans of Ronnie were performed or not. Senior coroner Professor Paul Marks summarized the case: “Ronnie was born alive on October 26, 2021, after a legal termination of pregnancy by the internal use of drug mifepristone. He was deemed as being viable and was resuscitated and then treated at the Jessop Wing in Sheffield. Despite this, his condition deteriorated relentlessly.” 

The termination was legal only because Ronnie’s mother thought he was 12 weeks along rather than 30—otherwise, Ronnie would have been protected by law. A mistake regarding his age proved to be fatal, and despite all attempts to save his life, he died. His parents are understandably devastated. They were lied to by abortion activists and told that a “termination” was merely ending a pregnancy, not killing a little boy or a little girl. They believed those lies, for reasons that we do not know. Because they believed those lies, Ronnie was killed with pills. 

Again: Ronnie’s story will unfold over and over again as abortion pills become the norm. This is the world abortion activists are intent on building, and it is a cruel one. A toilet is no place for a baby to be born—or for a baby to die. 

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