Winnipeg church hosts assisted suicide (and other stories)

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Good riddance: A Wisconsin teacher who was caught performing for students in drag has decided to pursue a different career. Just another example of why you should not send your children to public schools.


On that note, Joe Biden’s education agenda is extraordinarily radical—and he is quietly implementing it while eyes are elsewhere.


If you want to know what the media arm of oligarch Jeff Bezos is up to, here it is: The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz, after weeping on MSNBC about how mean people are to reporters, publicly doxed the woman who runs Libs of TikTok. From The Daily Wire:

The wildly popular Twitter account known as “Libs of TikTok” simply holds a mirror up to the radical Left, but apparently that’s just too embarrassing for one media figure who doxxed the woman behind it.

The move, by Taylor Lorenz, a reporter at The Washington Post and formerly of The New York Times, prompted a massive backlash from prominent figures on Twitter. Critics say revealing the identity of the woman, who scours TikTok for extreme hot takes from the far-left and posts them without comment, serves no newsworthy purpose.

Read the entire thing. The mainstream media serve as attack dogs for the Sexual Revolution. Exposing the agenda of the LGBT movement is not allowed.


Mark Penninga of Reformed Perspective Magazine has a wonderful and hopeful column titled “Lesson from my Mum: there is hope for Western civilization.” If you need a boost, read it.


The moral bankruptcy of the mainline Protestant churches cannot be exaggerated. Consider this recent story, for example:

An article by Jesse T Jackson that was published by the publication, Church Leaders on April 18 explains that Churchill Park United Church in Winnipeg Manitoba hosted the euthanasia death of Betty Sanguin (86) on March 9, 2022.

Sanguin, who was living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) died by lethal injection in the sanctuary of the Church. According Jackson: Sanguin visited with her family and friends during the ceremony hosted at the church. The lethal injection started at 1PM. An hour later, she was no longer present on earth. At 4PM, the funeral home arrived to take her body. The MAiD death was referred to as a “simple Crossing Over Ceremony.”

Suicide in a church—facilitated by the church. That is what it has come to.


More soon.

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