BBC’s diversity team changes woman’s words to honor pronouns of her male rapist

By Jonathon Van Maren

The British Broadcasting Corporation continues to bend the knee to the transgender movement’s demands that their claims be recognized as reality—and the latest example of this, reported by the Sunday Times, is particularly egregious. As The Daily Caller noted: 

The outlet’s diversity team reportedly wanted to avoid “misgendering” the attacker in a 2021 story about lesbian women being pressured to have sexual encounters with men who identify as transgender women, according to the Times. Some senior journalists were concerned that the BBC’s policy of using an individual’s preferred pronouns got in the way of accurate and unbiased reporting.   

“[They] threatened to out me as a terf and risk my job if I refused to sleep with [them],” the purportedly altered victim quote read. “I was too young to argue and had been brainwashed by queer theory so [they were] a ‘woman’ even if every fibre of my being was screaming throughout so I agreed to go home with [them]. [They] used physical force when I changed my mind upon seeing [their] penis and raped me.”  

This is not simply succumbing to the demands of trans activists—it is going back and altering real-time reporting. In her statements, the victim referred to her male attacker as “he” and “him”—but the BBC changed her words (in square brackets which indicate that the interviewee had made a mistake or that her statement needed clarification). The lived experience—a brutal, traumatic experience at that—of a rape victim apparently means less than the “preferred pronouns” of a rapist. 

As one source with inside information on the change told the Times: “It’s quite shocking. I can’t think of any other situation where we would change the words of an alleged rape victim.” Trans activists frequently claim that their movement is a source of persecution. The reality is that a rapist identifying as transgender will have the prison system, politicians, and even the mainstream media obediently restructure their recognition of biological reality in order to play along with his delusions—and change a rape victim’s statements to reflect the rapist’s perspective. As far as the BBC is concerned, this victim was raped by a woman with a penis.  

This awful story is part of a broader trend. The Times recently published an article detailing the findings of a report proving that female victims are increasingly considered collateral damage because our society now “believes male rapists” when they insist on female pronouns: 

Maureen O’Hara, senior law lecturer at Coventry University, wrote that it was having a “detrimental effect” on female victims, witnesses and prisoners. She said that while gender self-declaration had not been incorporated into law in England and Wales, it had been “adopted by all key criminal justice institutions”.

She said: “These institutions now all effectively subscribe to the belief that individuals’ subjective sense of ‘gender identity’ should take precedence over their biological sex. The adoption by criminal justice institutions of this belief appears to have come about largely as the result of policy capture, as it is a widely contested belief and has been adopted without public scrutiny.”


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