CDC finally admits how the monkeypox is actually spread in the US

By Jonathon Van Maren

Well, will the wonders never cease: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has now taken the step of addressing the monkeypox “crisis” by suggesting that those likely to contract this disease — that is, men who have sex with men — “take a temporary break” from carnal activities and engage in a little social distancing to stop the spread.

As of late July, CDC data showed that 99% of U.S. monkeypox cases have been in men, with 94% of those with data provided to the CDC reporting “sexual or close intimate contact” with another man in the three weeks prior to symptoms starting. This is why Tucker Carlson has dubbed monkeypox “schlong Covid” — because it’s primarily passed on through sexual contact. As many commentators have been pointing out, two years of cancelled church services, funerals, and other essential events were just fine — but officials have been dragging their feet on actually naming the primary cause of monkeypox to avoid offending the LGBT community.

When officials have admitted the primary victims of monkeypox, they have used so much woke language that it is often difficult to discern what, exactly, they are saying. Consider this media interview with Dr. Tim Menza of the Oregon Health Authority, in which he explains that the situation is fluid:

What we’ve been trying to do as best as we can is stick with what we know. In the United States, we know that people assigned male at birth who have sex with men and people assigned female at birth, including at least one pregnant person, have been affected by hMPXV in Oregon. We know that cisgender men and nonbinary people are affected by hMPXV. While most identify as gay or queer and report close contact with people assigned male at birth, we have cases that also identify as straight and bisexual and report close contact with people assigned female at birth.

If you have no idea what he’s saying or who he’s talking about, you’re in good company.


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