Students of “transgender” fake-breasted Ontario shop teacher threatened with suspension if they take photos

By Jonathon Van Maren

As we reported in this space in September, Canada’s reputation as an international woke embarrassment was buttressed by the enormous fake bust of an allegedly “transgender” shop teacher at a high school in Ontario’s Halton School District this fall. Photos went viral of a blond bewigged man strolling about with enormous Z-size prosthetic breasts strapped to his chest, replete with large protruding nipples. The school board announced that it would be standing behind the teacher (presumably this is the only safe place to stand around him), and the disbelief of pundits and the barely concealed incredulity of newscasters worldwide was chalked up to transphobia.

Canada seems to specialize in stories like this — remember Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv? — but this particular story is so wild that there was online theory circulating that the teacher, who currently goes by Kayla Lemieux, was actually anti-woke and was doing the whole thing as a stunt to expose how ridiculous gender ideology is and to force the school board and administration to play along with his caricatured version of the transgender movement’s ideal. The theory gained a lot of traction simply because that explanation seemed more reasonable than … what was actually happening.

If Lemieux is trolling everyone, he’s very committed. According to a recent report from the Western Standard, parents of children at the school say he’s still courting back problems by identifying as a hentai porn star in the classroom, and he’s still identifying as Kayla (you may have seen her around!) Additionally, the school is now attempting to tamp down any public discussion of its shop teacher by threatening to suspend any student who takes any photo or video of the teacher. This came after photos circulated of Lemieux on crutches that came, the Standard noted dryly, “after photos of her skydiving with a male porn star went viral, which, according to the Daily Mail, was not the cause of a foot injury.”


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