Study on experimental transgender hormones ends with two youth suicides (and other stories)

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The U.S. Surgeon General notes that thirteen-years-old is too young to be on social media due to the long-lasting damage it can have on young people. I agree with him entirely—what I don’t understand is why the government he serves endorses sex change surgeries and chemical castration for children.


How many more of these stories are we likely to see? Probably thousands: “Homeless man seeks to end life through Canada’s assisted suicide program.”


This story should be getting nonstop headlines but, predictably, it isn’t: “NIH experiment ends with 2 suicides by trans-identifying youth.” An excerpt:

The National Institutes of Health is facilitating an ongoing, multi-million dollar mass medical experiment on vulnerable youth, and some of them are winding up in early graves. No, that is not hyperbole.

According to a recently published study in the New England Journal of Medicine documenting psychosocial outcomes in transgender-identifying youth following two years of experimental hormones, two of the young people who were part of this “research” died by suicide. The study, which was funded by the NIH and published on January 19, examined 315 youth ranging in age from 12 to 20, all of whom identified as either “transgender” or “non-binary.” 

As is the case with everything in the transgender world, the grisly reality of what’s happening is obfuscated with deceptive lingo. The article is littered with gender euphemisms in addition to being full of dense and technical medical language, which lay people struggle to comprehend. This provides the gender ideologue doctors with a seemingly sophisticated cover, as though we do not know what they are really doing: conducting heinous medical experiments on children.

Most appallingly, on page 243 of the NEJM (and in a chart on page 245), these two tragic suicides are casually documented and reduced to mere “adverse events.” Young people who were being experimented on died by suicide and all they can manage to say is “Oops!”

Read the whole thing.


Thread from my hometown of Chilliwack, British Columbia:



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