15 EU countries gang up on Hungary over law protecting children from LGBT propaganda

By Jonathon Van Maren

Is the West anti-Christian? Increasingly, yes. For evidence of that, look no further than how Hungary is being treated for attempting to shield children from the LGBT agenda. 

In 2021, the Hungarian government passed legislation that introduced stricter laws protecting children from pedophilia, but also made it illegal to promote homosexuality or sex changes (“gender transition”) in schools and in the press to minors. The Hungarian government made clear that the law did not impact adult content or entertainment, but only propaganda targeted at children. 

“The issue is not about adults in relation to gender, but about children, about who is given authority in sex education: schools or parents,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, a Calvinist, said in an interview last year. “Children mustn’t be allowed to receive any kind of instruction related to sexual identity in kindergarten or school without the permission of their parents. That’s a red line!” 

In 2022, following international outrage at the legislation, which was falsely portrayed as “homophobic,” Orbán won a huge parliamentary majority and secured a fourth term in government.  

Now, fifteen European Union countries have joined a legal case launched by The European Commission at the European Union Court of Justice in 2022 against the bill with the intent of forcing Hungary’s parliament to repeal the bill. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte had previously noted the EU’s intention of “brining Hungary to its knees” over Orbán’s opposition to the LGBT agenda, and billions of EU funds (including pandemic recovery funds) have already been withheld from Hungary to that end. 


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