Trudeau gov’t says they’ll supply abortion pills to American women if Supreme Court upholds ban

By Jonathon Van Maren

Canadian taxpayers currently fund approximately 300 abortions every day. On the other end of life’s spectrum, Canadian taxpayers fund the euthanasia of a growing number of sick, elderly, and disabled people – nearly 10,000 last year alone.

There is a perverse symmetry here. Due in part to abortion, there are fewer Canadian taxpayers to pay into the healthcare system, which puts pressure on that system, which in turn leads to pressure being put on vulnerable Canadians to request “MAiD,” the perverse euphemism euthanasia activists have invented to describe dying by lethal injection.

Under the Trudeau government, Canadian taxpayers have also been on the hook for abortions in developing countries. Justin Trudeau has committed over $650 million dollars to funding abortion overseas, including in nations where abortion is illegal. Indeed, during the pandemic Trudeau used foreign aid to ensure that nations struggling with the impact of the global situation could still get abortion pills.

Trudeau’s commitment to using the hard-earned money of Canadian taxpayers to fund the killing of unborn children may now extend south of the border, as well. According to Liberal Families Minister Karina Gould on CTV’s Power Play, Trudeau’s government is prepared to provide the abortion pill to American women should it become unavailable in the U.S.


One thought on “Trudeau gov’t says they’ll supply abortion pills to American women if Supreme Court upholds ban

  1. Navi says:

    With Trudeau, it’s never easy to tell the difference between true threats to vulnerable human beings (e.g. his euthanasia program) and empty virtue-signalling. But it’s pretty likely this falls into the latter category. Firstly, it’s doubtful that the Supreme Court fully nullifies the FDA’s approval of mifepristone (despite all the media hysteria). They would sooner apply the Comstock Act and withdraw the Biden Administration rule allowing pills by post. That would be a return to the Bush-Obama-Trump era status quo – chemical abortion is legal in abortion states, but with significant regulations that prevent it from being easier than ordering a pizza. Secondly, chemical abortion would not go away completely even if mifepristone were withdrawn from the market. Abortionists plan to use misoprostol off-label to induce chemical abortions, though it’s not as effective as the mifepristone-misoprostol protocol approved by the FDA (it only works 75% of the time, which means a surgical abortion facility needs to be available nearby and part-time chemical abortionists can’t operate effectively).

    Of the ten US states that share a land border with Canada, only two (North Dakota and Idaho) are pro-life. Montana may join them sometime over the next few years, but the other seven are all solid abortion states. In pretty much any circumstance, it’s easier to go to the nearest abortion state than to cross an international border. So it seems Trudeau’s announcement is merely red meat for his base.

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