LGBT activists are trying to get Fox News banned from Canada

By Jonathon Van Maren

Egale Canada, a LGBT activist group based in Toronto, has called on the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to ban Fox News from Canadian airwaves over allegations that the network has made “false and horrifying claims” about transgender people.

In an April 4 letter, Egale executive director Helen Kennedy wrote that a broadcast by former Fox host Tucker Carlson about the mass shooting at a Christian school in Nashville, in which he noted that Christians allegedly had been targeted by the transgender shooter, were “in clear violation of Canadian broadcasting standards and has no place on Canadian broadcasting networks.”

In response, the CRTC posted notice of a public consultation on the matter to their website. In Kennedy’s open letter to the CRTC, she stated, “Lies and hateful propaganda are not news programming.” Another spokesperson for Egale added, “The issue of Fox News inciting hate, violence, and discrimination in its programming extends beyond one individual.”

Kennedy, like many LGBT activists, appears to believe that her view of the world is the correct one and that differing opinions constitute “hate” and “violence.” During the broadcast that attracted Egale’s ire, Carlson referenced another open letter released by the organization that alleged “an unprecedented and exponential rise in anti-2SLGBTQI, hate-fueled, and gender-critical movements,” which Carlson called “a lie.” Carlson noted the dangers of transgender ideology and pointed out that transgenderism is celebrated by our cultural elites. It bears mentioning that the CRTC’s response to Egale’s demand is an example of the clout that LGBT activists wield.

Indeed, the CRTC could decide, as a result of a demand from an LGBT activist group, to remove Fox News from their list of non-Canadian programming services authorized for distribution within Canada despite the fact that non-Canadian broadcast services are not bound by the same rules. Global News noted that since the CRTC’s consultation opened website, “two interventions have already been received from Canadians who oppose removing Fox News,” with one noting that “if we don’t agree with certain opinions, there are several actions individuals can take … We can change the channel or turn the TV or radio off or unsubscribe from the TV channel.”


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