Canadian man living with regret, pain after sex-change surgery wants to die through euthanasia

In January, I wrote a Substack column titled “Where assisted suicide, despair, and the transgender movement meet,” looking at the number of incidents of heartbroken “detransitioners” who opt for assisted suicide in the wake of the irreversible damage and painful side effects brought about by their attempt to change sexes. A Belgian woman already opted for euthanasia after her transgender surgeries turned her, she said, into “a monster”; a Dutch man also qualified for euthanasia after his surgeries left him in near-constant pain.

I wondered at the time whether we would see more cases like this begin to emerge as the long-term effects of sex-change surgeries began to manifest. Unsurprisingly, the latest case of this is in Canada. “Lois” Cardinal is a male who “transitioned” at age 19 (14 years ago) to present as female. Lois now says he was pressured into the sex-change surgery by staff at a gender clinic in Edmonton, Alberta, who told him that a provincial government grant program that would fund it for him was about to end. Despite his hesitation, he was told that the opportunity to procure the procedures might vanish — and even though his initial application was denied, he went through with it.

He began to regret the surgery the moment the anesthesia wore off.

Now, “Lois” Cardinal has applied for euthanasia. Why? Because of the terrible physical pain he experiences from his surgically constructed neo-vagina and the mental anguish he endures over his decision to get castrated and “transition” he underwent in 2009. As the Daily Mail reported:

In social media posts, Lois Cardinal, a self-proclaimed ‘sterilized First Nations post-op transsexual’ said regret over her medical transition led her to apply for a lethal injection in January. Cardinal, who lives on a native reserve near St. Paul, Alberta, posted her medical records from the request online this week to draw attention to radical gender ideology. Her case underscores the perils of Canada’s ultra-liberal healthcare system — one of the world’s most permissive for both euthanasia and affirming an individual’s chosen gender.

‘I’m in constant discomfort and pain,’ the 35-year-old told ‘It’s taking this psychological burden on me. If I’m not able to access proper medical care, I don’t want to continue to do this.’ … She told that she feels constant pressure, pain and discomfort now, many years after the original surgery.

This is sadly not surprising. As a recent study highlighted long-lasting side effects, including bladder and other problems. What is more surprising is that Cardinal was turned down in his request for euthanasia, with a doctor stating that there are treatment options available that could alleviate Cardinal’s suffering. Which is certainly true — but applies equally to virtually all other euthanasia cases, and certainly applies to those with mental illness, who will qualify for euthanasia next year. Indeed, Cardinal told the Daily Mail that his request was likely denied due to the connection of his case to transgender ideology.


One thought on “Canadian man living with regret, pain after sex-change surgery wants to die through euthanasia

  1. Ruthanne says:

    I wonder whatever happened to the Hippocratic oath! These procedures stink to high heaven! there has to be a special place for these so-called doctors Who are living high off the hog at the expense of these mutilated human beings. Satan is very busy and any media that supports this travesty is being directed by this evil! It is disturbing, and very sad that our young people are being brainwashed!

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