Hessy Taft

Hessy Taft

When Hessy Taft was six months old, it was a dangerous time to be a Jewish child in Nazi Germany. But in a bizarre twist of fate, the Nazis selected her baby photo to publish in one of their publications as the ideal Aryan child. Hessy joined Jonathon to tell him the story.  

The Nazi Hunter

First published on June 23, 2014 on The Times of Israel (Link: http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/the-nazi-huntge/). I think every young boy with awareness—however muted—of World War II, especially those of us who grew up hearing stories about it from our grandparents, have imagined what it would be like to hunt Nazis and bring them to justice. Nazis are,…

Lila Rose

Lila Rose is the head of the organization Live Action, which specializes in undercover stings exposing the abortion industry. Her organization has force politicians to defund Planned Parenthood to the tune of millions of dollars, and even the President of the United States has addressed her work. She joined Jonathon to talk about her expose…