Massive pro-life rally in Guatemala forces politicians to back away from plans to legalize some abortions

By Jonathon Van Maren Although few people noticed, the pro-life movement achieved another enormous victory earlier this week. This time it was in Guatemala, where activists had been pushing the government to loosen restrictions on abortion. A proposed bill had contained a clause that would have legalized abortion in certain cases (such as sexual assault)—but…

Troy Newman

Troy Newman is the head of Operation Rescue, one of the most successful anti-abortion organizations in the United States. He recently co-authored a book titled Abortion Free, in which he details how to shut down abortion clinics through smart and creative activism. He joined Jonathon to talk about how the pro-life movement can win.

John Barros

John Barros stands outside an abortion clinic in Orlando, Florida, every single day, all day. He’s been doing this for four years—and countless children have been saved from abortion as the result. He joined Jonathon to talk about his work, and our responsibility to reach out to those around us.