When Revolutionaries experiment on children

The destruction and corruption of children is a mainstay of the Sexual Revolution, and has been from the beginning. Children are the inconvenient result of sex, and since sex is supposed to be “recreational,” meaning, “sterile,” abortion is needed to shred and pulverize any children who do end up showing up. The innocence of children, too, is irritating—and thus sex education covering everything from masturbation to oral sex to a rainbow palette of genders that one can choose from is created to ensure that they don’t retain it for long. Their initiation into our Brave New World must occur at the earliest possible opportunity.

It is the experimentation on children, however, that may be the most perverse and grotesque. Brendan O’Neill describes what is taking place in The Spectator in a column entitled “Trans activists are effectively experimenting on children. Could there be anything more cruel?”

Can you think of anything more cruel than telling a five-year-old boy who likes Lady Gaga that he might have gender dysphoria? Or telling a nine-year-old tomboy who hates Barbie and loves Beckham that she might really be male – in spirit – and therefore she should think about putting off puberty and possibly transitioning to her ‘correct gender’?

Saying such things to kids who are only doing what kids have done for generations – messing about, discovering their identity – turns playfulness into a pathology. It convinces boys who aren’t boyish and girls who aren’t girly that they must have some great gender problem, a profound inner turmoil that their tiny minds must address, when in truth they’re just having fun. What an awful trick to play on children.

It’s being played on them more and more. ‘Transgender Kid with dollskids’ – the quote marks are because I’m not convinced that toddlers are capable of thinking – are in the news. On Sunday, BBC 2 aired Louis Theroux’s documentary on trans kids in America. Like all of Theroux’s work, it was objective, observant and humane. It introduced us to Camille, a five-year-old, pink-loving, Gaga-admiring boy who daftly thinks he is a girl, and even more daftly is indulged by psychologists and his parents; Cole/Crystal, a boy who can’t decide whether he is male or female (Cole, buddy, you’re male) and whose confusion was heightened by the conflicting responses of the adults around him; and, saddest of all, Nikki, born Nick, a troubled 14-year-old boy who is taking drugs to put off puberty because, according to experts at least, he’s transgender.

The trend for diagnosing gender dysphoria or transgenderism in kids who a couple of decades ago would simply have been seen as camp (boys) or unladylike (girls) is spreading. This week the BBC reported that the number of British kids under the age of 10 who are being referred to the NHS because they have ‘transgender feelings’ has quadrupled in six years. Forty-seven of these kids were aged 5 or under. Your four-year-old boy loves dancing in leggings to old Madonna songs? Quick, get him to the doctor! It’s bizarre.

The NHS now prescribes puberty-blocking drugs to so-called trans kids when they turn 10 or 11. This seems especially cruel, to deny children that tough but essential transitionary period, that biological burst that turns girls into women and boys into gruff-voiced scallywags who might one day mature into men. We do not ask 10-year-olds to make major decisions in relation to their schooling, where they live, smoking or sex; and yet we now invite them to make the terrifying existential choice to offset adulthood itself, to keep their hormones locked in limbo, to determine what sex they are. What a terrible burden to put on a human being who probably isn’t allowed to walk to the shop on his own or to stay up past 9pm.

The treatment of non-conforming or plain funny kids as ‘transgender’ strikes me as a stunning abdication of adult responsibility. It is the job of adults to correct childish confusions, to guide kids through weird or rough patches, and ensure, to the best of our abilities, that they come out the other end as rounded, hopefully happy adults. But now, the cult of relativism runs so deep that adults even balk from making that most basic of all judgements – that a child with a penis is a boy and a child with a vagina is a girl – and instead we accommodate to the child’s own fads and silliness.

There’s one more, seriously dark element to the promotion of the ‘trans kids’ phenomenon: it’s being pushed by adult trans activists as a way of pursuing their own interests and agenda. More and more trans campaigners are using ‘trans kids’ effectively as a moral shield, hoping that if they can convince the world that transgenderism is something that emerges as early as three or four then it must be natural, good, healthy, and thus should be insulated from criticism.

That is, they’re effectively experimenting on children, both socially and medically, both through filling kids’ heads with nonsense about dysphoria and offering them drugs, in order to advance their own adult demands for greater recognition. This is repulsive, the creation of a new generation of castratos who are paraded and praised in public by self-serving trans activists who only want more political clout and respect. Stop it. Let kids be kids. A boy who plays with dolls is not trans or dysphoric – he’s just a boy who plays with dolls.

4 thoughts on “When Revolutionaries experiment on children

  1. Tony Lee says:

    I’m always amazed and bewildered, the extent to how far one goes without a moral compass. And now the amount of leverage they possess in our society. I beg all the churches who proclaim Christ as there Lord and Saviour to put aside their differences and unite. We must join hands and be the beacon on the hill. The guide to safe harbor. There will be many casualties in this culture war. Let’s join together and show the world the True Way, the sacrificial love demonstrated to us by our Lord, Jesus Christ

  2. Jessica Stewart says:

    I survived but was harmed by a raging homosexual mother in the 1950s. I think the wonderful culture we had as kids then saved me. And the normal Catholic Church back then, too. I have a feminine personality but was quite tom-boyish until the age of 10. I have no doubt that if this insane culture existed back then, it and my mother, together would have doomed me. I’d never survived at all. I had amnesia most of my life and have lost much due to the abuse. Our culture is much like ‘my mother’ (I hate to say the words) and is criminally abusive to children and to vulnerable people and to women– also being robbed of natural blessing, as are men. It is so unbelievable a once great culture is willingly degrading itself out of existence. The pain of the victims isn’t willed by them. Pretending not to see it is colluding w/sadistic cruelty. Bystanders are harder to understand than the perverts themselves. Millions should be marching on Washington. Of course madness isn’t some sort of Constitutional right. I wouldn’t count on the victims of perversion to lead the way out. Real victims are damaged and need the help. I’m finally recovered into clarity, but I’m 69. Still, I’d do what could as long as I can. Thanks for doing what you do.

  3. Jessica Stewart says:

    I’d also like to say that the Ben Shapiro types are not conservative. Equating government protections for the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of children, too, with tyranny or a threat to his liberty is false. It sounds lazy to the point of immorality to simply write off the growing numbers of children suffering from adult perversion or parental laziness. Using the Constitution to stand in the way of saving innocent children is a terrible thing. Victims often resent the society that stood by and watched as they suffered and suffered. Sometimes subconsciously. Not without reason, but quite naturally and normally. Ben seems proud of how he protects his own (compared to the creeps that don’t do the same) but bystanders–waving the Constitution, no less–ARE letting their own kids down. They’re setting a selfish example and are letting the given culture die. Libertarians are in the wrong Party. They hold Conservatives back and help the nutty Libs out. I’ve talked to many, many young people. The cool, happenin crowd, about our culture. They admit they hate it. And I tell them I’m sorry. My generation dropped the ball. Vietnam was a trauma that allowed the floodgates of cultural destruction. When I tell them I know we let them down so much, and I wish it weren’t so, they look surprised and caring. The hippest youth relax into the utter truth of it. The clarity. They are grateful for the honest clarity. They resent all they’ve lost, too, no matter how decent their own parents may ‘ve been. Ben has a right not to care about abused/neglected kids, but not to abuse them himself. And hiding behind the Constitution of the Land meant for one and all is abusive to victims. Depriving confused people in desperate need of clarity the plain truth about real ulterior motives and ongoing pretenses is wrong on so many levels. Look, he wouldn’t want to help the desperate kids even if there was no Constitution. Dishonesty and lack of charity carry tons of excuses and reach far and wide to destroy the, easy come, easy go, foundation of Good being buried beneath. The irony is that there will definitely not be an American Constitution at this rate, sooner than later. Natural consequences. Too bad so many really innocent ones will suffer the most. Libertarian complicity… a dressed up, drag. Exploiting a truth. Awful.

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