This is what “progressive parenting” looks like?

By Jonathon Van Maren

Every once in awhile, I read something that reminds me that secular progressives and normal people live in entirely different worlds. For example, an “unfiltered photo series” on the Huffington Post that celebrates “what progressive parenting looks like.” What it looks like, apparently, is a weird, post-modern hippie commune focused on bizarre left-wing causes and celebrating abortion:

From Sept. 6 to Nov. 27, photographer Ted Zolyniak aka Ted Zee documented the Murphy Peetz family of South Park, Seattle. Shawna Murphy and Christian Peetz are parents to 12-year-old Beezus and 6-year-old Minnow…

Parents face a lot of obstacles and worries today, but the Murphy Peetzes refuse to let that hinder their strength and courage.

“We are a working American family doing our best to get by in challenging times,” said Shawna. “We will not sit idly by in complacency in the face of homophobia, racism, sexism and bigotry. My children are brave, fierce and loving and they remind me to live without fear every day.”

The photographer hopes his photo essay moves viewers to action.

“I hope that the Murphy Peetz family inspires people, as they have for me, to get more involved in their community ― to put work in and contribute, in any way they can, to bring out the changes that they want to see for their own families and neighborhoods,” Ted said.

“I hope they see how much their children are looking to them as they are shaping their own personalities and their own path,” he added. “I hope they see that love wins.”

The photo essay highlights something quite different: love most certainly does not always win, and at the loud insistence of progressives. One gut-wrenching photo (included above) showed a beautiful little girl in a party dress with the sadly ironic description: “Minnow has the dance floor to herself at the Shout Your Abortion Event.”

A little girl has the dance floor to herself at an event called “Shout Your Abortion.” You don’t say. I wonder if they ever re-read these things before publishing them.

Another picture showed the 12-year-old Beezus huddled with her father at the “Stomp the Patriarchy Ball,” which was put on by the organization “Shout Your Abortion.” Who takes their kids to a “Shout Your Abortion” event? Who hosts a “Shout Your Abortion” event? The determination to see abortion as a right rather than a human rights violation is repulsive and scientifically illiterate enough. The grave-dancing is outright ghoulish.

Shawna disagrees:

“I hereby solemnly swear to raise the most subversive children as humanly possible,” Shawna declared on Nov. 27. “The oldest already has a magnificent understanding of every possible way to use the F-word and is GenderFierce. The youngest could eat you for breakfast. Don’t worry. We’ve ALL got this.”

Wanting to raise “subversive” children is a bit of a new thing, I should think. And being proud of your child because their limited vocabulary is on display through creative use of profanity is somewhat weird. One almost has to wonder if this “progressive parenting” has perhaps progressed a bit too far, and in the wrong direction. Beezus has taken her mother at her word, and informs the photographer just how subversive she is:

“I want to ask you something, but I don’t want to offend you,” said Beezus. “Are you gay?” She asked the question as a lead-in to tell me that she was a lesbian. She came out to her family at age 9, and to her schoolmates last year, at age 11.

Another picture is captioned:

PrideFest Deputy Festival Director Kendall LaBree recognizes Beezus and “World’s Youngest Drag Superstar” RainBowGore Cake as part of the up and coming LBGTQ generation.

This girl is twelve years old. She “came out” before she even hit puberty. She informed the photographer that since Trump was elected, she “doesn’t feel safe” because “Mike Pence thinks that I should have my gay electrocuted out of me.”

I think I just figured out where all those campus mobs are coming from.


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  1. Fallon says:

    I’ve heard of “weaponized empathy” which is quite subversive, but weaponized children? What parent does this to their child? Sick.

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