Premier Rachel Notley is changing Alberta’s government ID to allow “non-binary” option

By Jonathon Van Maren

Despite her plummeting poll numbers, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s government is continuing to implement their social engineering plans in Alberta, perhaps in an

attempt to fundamentally reshape the government’s relationship with Albertans prior to their presumed defeat at the hands of United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney next year. This time, the NDP has decided to change government ID. From Global News:

Starting Friday, Albertans will have three options when it comes to filling out the gender field on their driver’s licence and other identifying documents like birth certificates.

“Albertans can now choose ‘F’ or ‘M’ or ‘X’ for the sex field on their driver’s licence, ID cards and vital statistic records,” Premier Rachel Notley said. “This is an important step in supporting transgender people, those who are transitioning, or who do not identify with a specific gender. The ‘X’ marker also offers privacy to those who don’t wish to disclose their gender.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but “identifying documents” are generally intended to carry information that allows people to identify the carriers of such documents. “Offering privacy” is certainly not the purpose of “identifying documents,” and thus the gender wars offer us the new ridiculousness of disguising people’s identities on identification documents intended to confirm their identities. That, and making vital statistics less precise and less useful. More:

The government also made it easier for Albertans to change the marker on their identification. Applicants aged 12 and older no longer need a supporting letter from a medical professional to make changes. She said the changes will support the LGBTQ2S+ community and make the province more inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

Notice here that the rainbow acronym is growing in size. The inclusion of the Q (for Queer) is fairly recent, and there are already three more. Identity politics is a wonderful thing.

“It’s incredibly great news,” transgender advocate Marni Panas said. “It’s really great progress. It’s a huge step forward… All Albertans can be recognized in their identification and it gives many people options back that they didn’t have for a long time.”

A Calgary student explained how having to choose between ‘M’ and ‘F’ can be difficult.

“Life being non-binary feels very precarious,” Quinn Nelson said. “My life feels contested and systems that wedge me into the gender binary contributed to that. Being limited to an ‘M’ or an ‘F’ has meant that my citizenship hinges on something that mis-genders me.

First of all, Nelson’s “citizenship” did not hinge on the identification of his or her gender. And secondly, I’m going to guess that the “M” and “F” on government ID wasn’t the real problem here, all things considered. But what this does highlight is the fact social engineering by political progressives does actually accomplish something significant: It begins the transformation of our political and legal systems to adhere to new gender ideologies as if those ideologies were fact. That is a dangerous phenomenon, and it is a much bigger deal than most people think.

Notley and her crew will use their remaining time in power to implement as much of their ideological agenda as possible—especially since Jason Kenney’s extremely disappointing decision to host a Pride breakfast for the United Conservative Party, in what appears to be the first attendance at a Pride event in his entire political career—gives them a solid indication that Kenney will do nothing to oppose or roll back such changes, and the field is theirs for the taking.


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  1. Joe Rathwell says:

    Sorry this is just a sign of the times and her time is almost up. Maybe we will actually get a premier who has a spine to defend the true values of albertans

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