Opposition to abortion among millenials is growing

By Jonathon Van Maren

While traditionalists are losing the culture on a handful of fundamental issues—on sexual morality, for example—there has consistently been good news on one front: The battle for hearts and minds on the issue of abortion. From LifeSiteNews:

The pro-life cause is gaining momentum in the United States with a growing number of American adults – and particularly millennials – now saying abortion is a sin, a recently conducted poll reveals.

In its 2018 State of Theology survey, Lifeway Research surveyed 3,000 adults for Ligonier Ministries and found that a 52 percent majority of American adults now consider abortion a sin, up from 49 percent two years ago.

“Regular churchgoers are even more emphatically opposed to abortion, with 79 percent of them saying that abortion is a sin,” said Dr. Stephen Nichols, chief academic officer of Ligonier and president of Reformation Bible College.

According to the survey, pro-life support is strongest among the 18- to 34-year-old age group, which expressed 57 percent support for the idea that abortion is a sin. Millennial support is growing, up from 50 percent only two years ago.

While there are many mountains left to climb in the war against abortion, it is worth noting that nearly a half-century after Roe v. Wade imposed legal abortion on all fifty states, the pro-life movement has not only survived but thrived. Every year, new laws are passed across the country restricting abortion and saving lives. Every year, abortion animates voters to stump for pro-life politicians. And every year, the pro-life movement’s ranks swell with young people who are ready and willing to sacrifice for their generation’s greatest cause.

Scott Klusendorf has often noted that abortion activists are stunned that 45 years after Roe, with so many cultural institutions on their side, they cannot seem to win this fight. I’ve often seen elderly abortion activists at pro-life protests wielding signs that read simply, “I can’t believe I still have to protest this s***”—and that’s because they can’t. And now they face another generation of pro-lifers who are as determined as those who went before them to put a stop to the killing of pre-born children.


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