Medical insanity: lesbian couple creates history by delivering baby they both carried

By Jonathon Van Maren

October 29, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – It is truly mind-boggling to consider the extent to which the science and technology sectors have dedicated themselves to making LGBT fantasies a reality, from transgender people demanding free wombs to reproductive technologies ensuring that same-sex couples can create designer babies biologically connected to both of them.

There are other experiments underway, too—millions of dollars are being spent to find out if a baby that has two male parents or two female parents can be created to accommodate the LGBT activists demanding children as a right—a commodity that they should be permitted to purchase.

But apparently, doctors are willing to take all of this a step further, as same-sex couple Ashleigh and Bliss Coulter of Mountain Springs, North Texas, is “believed to have made medical history as the first couple to deliver a baby they both carried,” according to ABC News. This was accomplished by a procedure called “Effortless Reciprocal In Vitro Fertilization” or Effortless Reciprocal IVF. Ashleigh and Bliss stumbled upon the option when they were hunting for a way to have a child that was biologically connected to both of them, rather than pursuing the option usually utilized by lesbian couples of using a sperm donor.

Dr. Kathy Doody, a fertility specialist from the C.A.R.E Fertility Clinic in Bedford was eager to help, and explained that “Effortless IVF” was an option for them, although this would be “the first time where both of the mothers physically carried the baby.” From ABC News:

Effortless IVF refers to a form of IVF whereby the eggs and the sperm are introduced in a device called an INVOcell capsule. They are then being placed in a woman’s vagina to simulate the conditions in an incubator.

Reciprocal IVF involves the eggs and sperm being incubated in a laboratory by an incubator. An incubator provides a temperate environment and moves gasses and substances, like toxins, away from the embryos. Since with Effortless IVF, the INVOcell capsule needs to be placed in a woman’s body, Bliss was able to have her eggs fertilized and embryos form inside her instead of using an incubator.

Doody said it works because “the woman has kidneys, a liver, and lungs, which allow the body acts as a natural incubator.”

Doody harvested eggs from Bliss, and then utilized a sperm donor to create embryos, which were placed inside Bliss for five days before being removed and then frozen until Ashleigh was ready to carry them. Usually, the woman who donates the eggs also carries the embryos, but because this was not the case with this lesbian couple, the child that was born as a result—a boy named Stetson Coulter—is considered to be the first child in medical history carried by two women.

According to Doody, “it is a doctor’s duty to find more ways to provide IVF care to patients and…Effortless Reciprocal IVF is a great opportunity for same-sex couples.” Children have become a commodity, and doctors have been tasked with toying around with human life itself in order to assist couples in circumventing the natural order and bringing fatherless or motherless children into the world on demand. Despite the bizarre nature of Effortless Reciprocal IVF, Doody even stated that it “feels more natural for parents and gives them a unique bond with their baby.” Interestingly, she didn’t notice her Freudian slip: The reference to “natural” indicates the fact that she instinctively knows there is something fundamentally unnatural about this new designer baby industry.

The Coulters have already informed the media that they are receiving an “overwhelming amount…of questions from other prospective same-sex couples and they are glad they were able to help provide them with this opportunity.” Another same-sex couple from North Texas has already undergone the same process at the same fertility clinic and given birth to a baby girl as a result. The Coulters, for their part, talk casually about whether or not they want more children—Bliss wants to stick with just Stetson, but Ashleigh wants more. “Whatever they decide,” ABC News notes, “the Coulters have two frozen embryos” and thus might decide to use the process again.


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