This photo of a beautiful baby killed by abortion stopped me in my tracks. You need to see it, too.

By Jonathon Van Maren

I was stopped in my tracks today by a photo I had never seen. As a full-time pro-life activist, sometimes I think I have seen all the abortion victim photos there are. But I had never seen this one before, and the awful power of the photo grabbed me by the throat.

The photo is of a child’s severed head. The eyes are closed as if in sleep, the perfect lips pressed together, the face coated with crimson blood. The baby’s face abruptly ends at the forehead, which has been cut away, exposing the tiny brain. The back of the head has been reduced to a bloody smear, crushed by the forceps that killed this beautiful child. And yes, despite the fact that the small, peaceful face is framed by gruesome carnage, it is still obvious that the child was beautiful. I wonder, as I stare at it, what those closed eyes would have looked like gazing out at the world she never got to see. All I can think as I take in the little nose, her dainty ears, the mouth that never got to smile but almost, somehow, seems ready to, is that She’s so perfect. She’s so perfect, and we destroyed her.

I find it almost impossible to describe this photo in words. It simply hurts in a visceral way to look at it, as if the impact of the awful juxtaposition of blood and baby carve out an emptiness within that makes me inexplicably miss someone I have never met and never knew. That is why we must show people photos such as these: To strip away the soothing and insidious excuses for this slaughter and see, really see, the soft, severed face that was torn from the body of a beautiful baby with a silent scream. It is hard to look at this photo. It feels almost impossible. But look at it and let her broken head break your heart. Look at her face, on the only baby photo she ever had, and promise never to forget her.

And while you remember her, remember that this horror is yet unfolding. There are more forceps grasping at more beautiful children, and they are soundlessly slipping out of our reach forever one at a time, in the towns and cities where we go about our lives. We must do something about it. We must speak out. Look at her beautiful, broken face.

We really have no choice.

35 thoughts on “This photo of a beautiful baby killed by abortion stopped me in my tracks. You need to see it, too.

    • Louise Burgess says:

      This has made me ill. I almost feel faint. It is so barbaric. SATAN IS HAVING A GOOD TIME KILLING
      INNOCENT LIVES, but his day of doom is coming and this little darling will be in HEAVEN with a new body. OMG. I FEEL SO SICK

      • Mary Ann Pratt says:

        Me too..Iam crying as I write this…As a nurse ,I cant imagine what the ones who do this are thinking…Lord Jesus ,please come quickly

  1. Robert says:

    This is nothing short of, “premeditated murder”!! You can say whatever you want, but it doesn’t change what it is, and what, “someone has done”!!!!!!

  2. Lunaris says:

    This is completely fake and doctored. As someone who has actually had an abortion, there isn’t a face on the embryo when it’s removed. These features can’t form noticeably to a naked human eye for months. Not one or two, but after three.
    Coincidentally, that’s after the cutoff for allowed abortions in the medical community. Any time an embryo or fetus is removed due to abortion, it’s always because the thing inside isn’t formed enough to be human, or survive without further incubation.
    This is 100% propaganda, and it’s so fake that it’s laughably absurd. No abortion comes out like this. It looks entirely like the hunk of tissue and grossness ABOVE the photoshopped face. The fact that people are pushing lies like this is so hurtful and upsetting that I can’t even begin to describe my disappointment in humanity. Seriously, why don’t people check the facts before believing ridiculous, SOURCELESS claims.

    • Jonathon Van Maren says:

      You’re unfortunately incorrect, and those who actually work in the abortion industry confirm this time and again. (Here’s what some of them actually have to say: In Canada, abortion is legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy, and the cutoff varies from state to state. In many states, aborting the baby in that photo is legal.

      If you’d like to educate yourself, feel free to check out a scientific (not anti-abortion) website showing babies developing in the womb. Now, imagine what those same babies would look like once the abortionist got through with them:

      • Sam says:

        You’re right – abortion is “legal” in Canada until the fetus is born, simply because it is not illegal. This has been the case since 1988, when the criminal code section making abortion illegal and establishing review panels to allow abortion was struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada as infringing the rights of the woman. BTW, “legal persons” are “born alive”, hence why legal rights do not attach to a fetus in the womb and why it would be murder to end a baby’s life after birth.

        Currently, the only restriction on abortion is doctor’s ethics.

        If you are curious why abortion has no regulations around the procedure, I would argue that it is because of you and your compatriots, Jonathan. The country as a whole has accepted abortion and, I would argue, would accept reasonable limitations thereon. However, the loudest voices in the room are from you and your compatriots arguing that abortion should end. Practically speaking, that will never happen in Canada and, as a result, you are blocking the government’s regulation of abortion.

        Besides, if you want to lower the abortion rate, you should look into the scientifically provable methods for doing so – sex education, condoms and birth control.

    • Kyle Kline says:

      What about places like NY where abortion is legal up until full term? YOU are the one pushing propaganda. Pro murder propaganda.

    • Lucinda Drohn, MSN, RN says:

      I’m sorry, friend, but you are misinformed! While you have been the recipient of the procedure, I have been the nurse on the receiving end of a spontaneous abortion, also known as a miscarriage. You would think that in this process, the babies would be as you described: faceless and unformed, unrecognizable to the human eye for months. Not true! I recovered the bodies of twin boys, no longer than 4-5 inches long, externally with not only facial features but other parts so you KNEW they were twin boys. These were little ones that, for what ever reason, mom’s body rejected (often, but not always, because of some physical problem).
      The picture you are calling a “fake” … Well, I cannot validate its authenticity, but I CAN say that many (arguably, most) elective abortions done later in the pregnancy require the dismemberment of the child in order to remove it from the uterus. It is QUITE POSSIBLE to find a full, undamaged face, with beautiful features, looking back at you from the killing field. The reason for these elective procedures are SOMETIMES related to identified issues with the baby. Most often, however, there is NOTHING WRONG with the baby.
      Many of my colleagues have cared for little ones, born as early … or earlier … than these babies who are destroyed. My youngest brother was born between 30 & 32 weeks gestation – very early! He ended up being 6ft 3 inches and healthy. He was given a chance. Victims of abortion are penalized and killed for the behavior of others – no trial … just a death sentence.
      Please don’t fall for the propaganda that is out there just because it validates your own activity. Be a wise consumer … Do your own research! Find the truth. It has been said they the truth will set you free. Seek THAT freedom.

    • Mathona Moore says:

      Nonsense, you’re just denying the baby’s humanity. You murdered your own baby. You can’t talk about anyone else being fake. The fact is, no matter if the BABY ie foetus, is Latin for BABY, has descernible facial features or not, is totally irrelevant. Life begins at conception. Abortion takes that LIFE away, at ALL stages. Period.

      • Sam says:

        The problem is how life is defined and there is an awful lot of nuance that is lost on both sides of the abortion debate, further entrenching both sides and ensuring nothing is ever done.

        Is a cell alive? Yes, you are right. Technically, an amoeba or bacteria is “alive”, just like a fertilized egg. It is certainly capable of cellular respiration, reproduction, etc. You are technically correct to argue that the fertilized egg is alive in that sense.

        However, there is nuance here – the fertilized egg is not alive in that it can survive on its own. An amoeba or bacteria can remain alive with just their single cell but a human cannot be reduced to a single cell, or even hundreds or thousands of cells and still survive on its own.

        The difficult question becomes when is there an independent human being whose life ought to be protected? The general legal answer is at birth. That is an easy bright line, but not terribly satisfying

        You are arguing that the life should be protected from the time it is a single cell. However, that life is certainly not independent and there is a very high probability the conception will not result in a toddler.

        There is also the problem that this is a cell that is alive within the mother, who herself is essentially a group of millions of alive cells. Does that make the one cell in millions part of the mother or independent?

        What is a human? Is it grouping of cells? Is it independent existence? Is it independent thought? Is it pain or sensation experience?

        These are all legitimate questions that get ignored by both sides of the debate. I wish they could be discussed because, like many things, I suspect the answer lies somewhere in the middle, rather than on either extreme end.

      • Olivia says:

        Well-timed pregnancies give children a healthier start in life. We now have ample evidence that babies do best when women are able to space their pregnancies and get both prenatal and preconception care. Parenting is a lot of work, and doing it well takes twenty dedicated years of focus, attention, patience, persistence, social support, mental health, money, and a whole lot more. This is the biggest, most life-transforming thing most of us will ever do. The idea that women should simply go with it when they find themselves pregnant after a one-night stand, or a rape, or a broken condom completely trivializes motherhood. Who among us hasn’t had unprotected sex when the time or situation or partnership wasn’t quite right for bringing a new life into the world? And in those situations we rely on the mercy, compassion, and generosity of others. In this regard, an unsought pregnancy is like any other accident. Every day, men and women make small choices and potential people wink into and out of existence. Those who see abortion as an unmitigated evil often talk about the “millions of missing people” who were not born into this world because a pregnant woman decided “Not now.” But they never talk about the millions of children and adults who are here today only because their mothers had abortions—real people who exist in this version of the future, people who are living out their lives all around us—loving, laughing, suffering, struggling, dancing, dreaming, and having babies of their own.

    • Deb says:

      Are you trying to make your choice of killing your child ok for you or is it an agenda? It happens everyday. Open your eyes and please don’t get pregnant again.

    • Catherine says:

      Your whole message here is nothing less than false propaganda. You obviously don’t have a clue about abortion. Your “facts” are absolutely wrong!

  3. Pamela Seamonds says:

    If you can look at this BEAUTIFUL face, and still deny the barbaric act that abortion is, you are a hopeless, lost human being. This child appears to have been old enough and developed enough to have survived outside the mother’s womb… How can you sleep at night, knowing that you support the “death sentence” of this innocent child? May God have mercy on your soul!

  4. Rod says:

    (For the record, I am pro-life)… however, in the interest of being factual, and thereby strengthening the arguments for pro-life, the two photos in this post are not related – but there’s no clarification of that in the post. The aborted baby is reportedly about 15 weeks gestation, and the baby in the womb appears much older. I’m all for using evidence, but I’m also all for using evidence that is accurate, verified, and authenticated.

    • Jonathon Van Maren says:

      I used a different photo simply so that people would not have to see the graphic image in the thumbnail on social media, but would have to click before seeing of it. I thought it was obvious that they were different babies, and apologize if it was not.

  5. Edward Kennedy. says:

    Aborticide is the worst sin today in the eyes of God. He creates life at conception and evil people destroy it. I would never want to be involved in this for any amount of money.

  6. Deb says:

    Are you trying to make your choice of killing your child ok for you or is it an agenda? It happens everyday. Open your eyes and please don’t get pregnant again.

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