Parents smeared as “homophobes” after objecting to a drag troupe known for obscene performances reading stories to children

By Jonathon Van Maren

The group Glitter Hole is a “drag collective” and “queer performance space,” and if you’re wondering what their name means, their logo is a purple sketch of a bare bottom with the word “HOLE” beneath it in all capitals. Their sexually explicit performances including miming sex acts, strapping on enormous fake genitalia, and other activities better left undescribed. One poster advertising their group was emblazoned with the slogan, “Keep the buggery going!” while another announced that they were “leather daddies and gay witches for abortion.” And, as the new Irish media outlet Gript recently reported, Glitter Hole was invited to participate in a “drag storytelling event” at Dublin’s Dun Loa Library.

Considering that this was billed as a “family event” and that children as young as three years old would likely be present, and considering the fact that this “drag collective” specializes in sexually explicit performances that push the boundaries of what even many adults would find tasteful or acceptable, one might wonder why Glitter Hole would be invited to read stories to children in the first place (one photo of the group featuring cross-dressing and one member sporting an enormous fake vagina has them posing in front of a banner reading “The Gay Agenda.”) However, when it was revealed that Glitter Hole was being invited, the library canceled the event.


2 thoughts on “Parents smeared as “homophobes” after objecting to a drag troupe known for obscene performances reading stories to children

  1. Grace Dalton says:

    Is the slang term Glory Hole (from which the name Glitter Hole is obviously derived) used on your side of the pond, or is it just here (in Britain)?
    Obviously, this is utterly sickening. We need to address this nonsensical accusation of homophobia – actual bullying of LGBT people obviously needs to be addressed, and we need to make clear that we don’t endorse the mistreatment that’s been carried out against them by some; but there’s no logic whatsoever in pretending that doing so requires endorsement of an organisation whose name and logo are entirely about sex. We’d be just as outraged if the allusions were to straight sex.

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