The Culture Wars Episode 1: Justin Trudeau’s Abortion Obsession

Some of you have been asking me if The Bridgehead podcast has been discontinued since the launch of The Van Maren Show on LifeSiteNews. The answer is no–I’ve been working on a relaunch, The Culture Wars, for some time. The goal is to have a longer-form podcast where I get into the issues facing us each week as well as taking a deeper dive into questions that need answers. Today, for example, I take a look at why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is so obsessed with abortion. Let me know what you think!

5 thoughts on “The Culture Wars Episode 1: Justin Trudeau’s Abortion Obsession

  1. Nf says:

    Good analysis, I was not aware of the back story. Makes sense for him, and for everyone who displays that vitriolic, visceral, shrill enslavement to abortion.

  2. Alan Anderson says:

    Hi Jonathon! I listened with great interest to your podcast here re Trudeau’s obsession with abortion. I was going to share it on my Facebook page. A note came up saying Facebook has “disabled” the button to share.

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