Canadian taxpayers will fund breast implants for biological men who wish to “present” as women

By Jonathon Van Maren

If you happen to be a Canadian taxpayer, your government is using your hard-earned money for all sorts of things. We fund 100,000 domestic abortions per year, for example. Thanks to Justin Trudeau, we’re also paying another $700 million annually for abortions in developing countries, potentially including countries where abortion is illegal. Canadians also pay for the country’s widely-unwatched state broadcaster, the CBC, which has lately decided to begin promoting child drag queens. And now, it turns out, taxpayers will also be funding the purchase of breasts for biological males suffering from gender confusion.

Serina Slaunwhite, a biological male identifying as a female, was “denied breast implants in 2017 on grounds the surgery was not considered medically necessary,” according to the CBC. By “denied,” of course, they mean that the province of Nova Scotia declined to pay for the cosmetic surgery, which Slaunwhite was still perfectly free to pay for. However, Slaunwhite said that it was “unfair the province covered breast removal and masculinization surgeries for transgender men, but not augmentation for transgender women.” What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and all that.


9 thoughts on “Canadian taxpayers will fund breast implants for biological men who wish to “present” as women

  1. Mee says:

    Why is it that in order to get anything from our government anymore, you have to be either gay, Muslim, Sikh, a terrorist or a “refugee”????? Why not free implants for any woman that doesn’t feel “fulfilled” without bigger boobs? Why do you have to be someone other than a regular tax paying Canadian, to get our tax money spent on us???? I’m not happy the way the government has treated me all these years by taking my taxes under the guise that it will go to benefit me,,,,I think I’ll threaten to sue and see if I can get 10.2 million,,,,of course I didn’t kill anyone so I may not get it!!!!!

  2. julie laflamme says:

    Funny – if a flat chested woman, or a woman impacted by breast cancer- wants fake boobs to ease their psyche, they have to pay for it themselves.
    How is that fair?

  3. June says:

    Please do not make Canadians pay for Implants for trans people. We taxpayers are OK with how we were born….. don’t always want something else! They will not be happy when they get it.

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