Mom sues infamous clinic for transgender children over “inaccurate” information on hormone blockers

By Jonathon Van Maren

As the number of children identifying as transgender has exploded, so has the evidence that the social experiment we are embarking on is going to end very badly for many people—especially those who are inflicting permanent damage to themselves by “transitioning” at younger and younger ages. As I’ve noted many times in this space, rates of transgender children have spiked by over 4,000 percent in the United Kingdom alone, and despite the sheer pace of this phenomenon, anyone who attempts to point out that perhaps more discussion is needed when the impact on children is so significant is promptly shouted down.

The most egregious enabler of this phenomenon has been England’s state-funded Tavistock Clinic in Leeds, which focuses primarily on assisting children who wish to “transition” to the opposite sex. Tavistock has already lied about whether puberty blockers are reversible—a recent study noted that these so-called treatments are “devastating” and “irreversible”and they have attracted some controversy for their willingness to employ their “Gender Identity Development Service” on very young children. And now, the Times reported last week, the clinic is being sued by a mother who is accusing them of carrying out “experimental” treatments on children—children who cannot possibly understand what is happening to them.


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