Spokeswoman for birthing organization fired from position for saying only women give birth

By Jonathon Van Maren

The transgender movement’s tactics are predictable, but it is still breathtaking to watch biology get transformed into hate speech so swiftly. First, the LGBT movement pushed for the acceptance of their chosen terminology. Progressive politicians, the media, and the entertainment industry climbed on board without a single question. With the framework in place and the premises legislated, the real work began: Rooting out heretics.

The latest victim is 45-year-old Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert, who until recently served as the spokesperson for Doula UK. McCarthy-Calvert, who represented the national organization for birthing coaches and worked as a doula herself for six years, found herself a target after posting a series of obvious truths on her social media. It started when Cancer Research UK kowtowed to the trans activists and removed the word “women” from their pap smear test campaign, under pressure from trans activists, instead stating that cervical cancer screenings were “relevant for everyone aged 25-64 with a cervix.”


4 thoughts on “Spokeswoman for birthing organization fired from position for saying only women give birth

    • Brady Carbol says:

      This is a global agenda. The World Elites have sworn to reduce the population of the world because they are concerned that it might grow larger than the world can handle. A people group that cannot reproduce will die! They will eradicate themselves from the face of the Earth.T This is the agenda from Global initiative and one world government!

  1. Phil says:

    If the trans people believe a man can become a woman, then what is their problem with her statement? That said, when have those born male, but goes through surgery to try and become a woman. been given a body that makes eggs and develops a body in a womb?

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