What is standing between Christian communities in Canada and an angry, hateful LGBT movement?

By Jonathon Van Maren

Last week, I wrote a column on the public shaming of feminist Meghan Murphy. I noted that shouting crowd outside the Toronto Public Library made me nervous because of the sheer rage on the faces of those shouting for the head of a feminist woman who has been on board with every manifestation of the Sexual Revolution except the most recent one, the idea that biological men can become biological women.

I asked a question that I think we should consider seriously: If this is what these LGBT activists are willing to do to someone who is ideologically aligned with them on nearly everything, what will they be willing to do to us? Any thorough examination of that question should send chills down our spines.

I have more questions, as well. When I watched the video of the furious activists outside the library (one Meghan Murphy supporter was told to “go kill yourself, go bleed out and die”), I wondered: What stands between our Christian communities and that mob? What is standing between their legislative agenda, which includes condemning our beliefs as hate speech and removing our right to educate our children, and us? The courts? They have been overturning precedent and undermining religious liberty with great gusto these days (see Trinity Western University.) Political leaders? Don’t make me laugh. I doubt Doug Ford or Andrew Scheer even have the guts to say “There are only two genders” into a microphone (although I’d be happy to be proven wrong.)


5 thoughts on “What is standing between Christian communities in Canada and an angry, hateful LGBT movement?

  1. John Zylstra says:

    I know we as christians should be peaceful, kind, loving and patient. But, we have apologized too long for our beliefs in reality. It’s time we do not back down. It’s time to take the media to task in a very concerted, intelligent, and insistent manner. No apologetic self-effacing half sincere effort. There is no way that 1% of the population, which is telling lies, which is demeaning humanity, which is denying reality, should be able to get away unchallenged with its perversions, its ideologies, with its complete fantasies of unreality and anti-science claims. It’s time to change it. Unapologetically. And insistently.

    • Sam says:

      I fear you might open yourself up to larger problems.

      Religious belief relies on faith, not science, and if you take the position that science ought to be respected, you will be wide open to attack on your beliefs in general, rather than attempting to stay on the topic you desire.

      • Nathaniel Forsey says:

        The vast majority of the inaccuracies o=about gender being forced upon us has no scientific backing. We are allowing an agenda to overturn good sense, science & the truth that science knows. This is not hate is is verified fact.

        When a geneticist from J Hopkins says he cannot verify or say in good conscience there is evidence for people born homosexual. Yes there are environmental factors etc that point & steer people to the lifestyles connected to their topic. Yet, this does not mean they are born this way. How are we to account for the many who does the surgeries & hormone treatments only to later say it was a mistake and did not achieve for them what they desired? If they were born “that” way they would not desire or be able to change would they??? Did someone say humans are supposed to be the most intelligent species? Why are we now divorcing our brain for flawed arguments with Zero scientific or biological backing?

        • Sam says:

          I just want to be clear that I didn’t mention hate – I simply pointed out that the science based argument is likely to be dragged away from the topic you wish to stay on.

          You’re right – I am not aware of specific scientific evidence of humans being born with a certain gender, etc. However, that is more a function of ethics, from my look into the matter. We can experiment on mice and other animals and we find:

          – males born with many female twins show female behaviours and male genitalia;
          – critical periods wherein the brain must have certain stimuli to develop a certain way (for instance, if the eyes don’t receive light for 3 specific days, the cat will be blind for life);
          – hormones in utero influence mental behaviour while genetics influence genitalia.

          Is it possible to run a study on a human baby wherein all the hormones, etc. are controlled? No, that is highly unethical. The best we can do is correlational studies that will not get you a conclusive answer one way or another, forcing us into animal studies. That said, we can examine the strength of the correlation and attempt to carefully tease the answer from the data.

          And your argument about those that regret their decision does not invalidate the ones that don’t have regrets. The simplest answer to that argument is they were a “false positive”, such that they underwent the sex change for other reasons or didn’t have the same level of transgender or gender dysphoria as someone else. That argument will not win for you.

          However, that is all irrelevant to my argument. I will guarantee you that if you argue this with anyone who is not religious, one of the first questions will be whether you believe in creation and Christ’s raising from the dead. You will be challenged on whether you accept science across the board and you will have to be ready for the conversation to take that hard left turn if you are going to make this argument.

  2. Keith Haberstock says:

    John, soiry to say but I disagree fully with you. The early church faced much persecution and the only thing that made the world sit up and take real notice is when they were willing to physically die for their beliefs. I pray we as God’s 21st century kids are ready for the same. The ops, I believe, are right around the bend. Get ready to stand tall upon the Rock!

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