How the media assists transgender activists in spreading the Big Lie

By Jonathon Van Maren

The Detroit Press is doing precisely what the transgender community wants them to, as evidenced by their recent report on the ease with which people can change their gender on their government identification. As I’ve noted before, media reports these days are so infused with Orwellian terminology that sometimes nothing is at it seems, and one almost needs a translator to understand what these articles are saying. Let’s take a look:

In a major boost to Michigan’s transgender community, it’s going to be a whole lot easier for people to change their gender identity on driver’s licenses and state-issued IDs under new rules Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced Monday. 

Effective immediately, people who would like to correct the sex designation on their driver’s license or ID card will now only need to fill out a form, go to a Secretary of State branch to have their photo taken and pay the $9 correction fee for a driver’s license, or $10 for a state ID. They will no longer need to provide a birth certificate, passport or court order, as was required under the old policy for changing the sex-indicator on a driver’s license.

Notice the key phrase there? “People who would like to correct the sex designation on their driver’s license or ID card.” It’s only one word—“correct” versus “change”—but it makes all the difference. The Detroit Free Press is telling its readers that the gender ideology being promoted by the LGBTQ movement is true and beyond dispute, and that a biological male or a biological female can decide to switch sexes—and that society should conform its behavior to affirm their choice.

The rest of the article obediently trots out the various talking points currently being used by transgender activists to ensure that anyone who does not believe gender ideology to be valid is seen as a hateful and even dangerous person, referring to the “trauma” faced by those who have their biological sex listed on their ID rather than the gender they choose to identify with. This, too, is part of the game, as the reporter sends a very clear message to readers: If you oppose this move, you are complicit in violence against trans people, trans suicides, and traumatizing a vulnerable population.

This is how cultural narratives are enforced: Constant repetition of the Big Lie, with not-so-subtle reminders that if you are not on board with the program, you are an awful person and should be relegated to the status of social outcast.

2 thoughts on “How the media assists transgender activists in spreading the Big Lie

  1. Joy says:

    It’s actually quite brilliant. It completely blindsided the feminist movement and shattered any illusion that women, who are less economically empowered, are able to redefine the patriarchal narrative without massive financial support. Women, despite making up half the population, will find it almost impossible to compete with the sheer force of political and media control that ensures control of our destiny. yet, women MUST fight back. We’re being maimed, exploited, murdered at every increasing rates as well as our children. The male gender has ‘gone rogue’. Nothing seems to be off limits in their degradation of girls and women. It seems they will not be happy until they’ve completely subjugated or killed every last one of us, just as they will not be happy until they’ve exploited and killed every last ecological niche on the planet.

    • Zsuzsanna Budapest says:

      Only if women form close relationships with each other across all patriarchal lines, such as money, status, race, sexuality, but then the males would all want belong there with us. Its already happening. This LOYALTY of women to Each other is sacred. teaching our sons to love and respect their moms. Not just on Mothers day. Protect Life and the Planet. Don’t kill anybody.

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