LGBT lessons in the UK are designed to indoctrinate children from the age of five–and Muslim parents are furious

By Jonathon Van Maren

The Daily Mail has just released a report detailing how the LGBT agenda will be implemented in schools right across the United Kingdom, from the age of five onwards. No subject is left untouched, and the indoctrination will be comprehensive:

An LGBT campaign group has issued guidance to primary schools stating that children should be taught about lesbian, gay and transgender issues in every subject from the age of five. Stonewall issued the guidance to coincide with the launch of new relationships and sex education (RSE) lessons that begin next September.

Parents are allowed to remove their children from sex lessons but ones covering relationships are compulsory. Stonewall has suggested that teachers use the LGBT rainbow flag to help children understand the meaning of colours. The group adds that teaching about LGBT people should be ’embedded’ throughout school timetables.

Notice here that LGBT organizations across the West—not just in the UK, but in Canada and the United States as well—are attempting to dodge the question of parental rights in education by ensuring that their ideology will be taught at some point in nearly every subject. That way, children will be inculcated with their values even if vigilant parents pull them out of the explicit LGBT lessons. More:

The campaign group suggested maths questions such as: ‘How many biscuits are left at Fatima and Shanika’s wedding?’ One example lesson plan suggests that pupils aged seven and eight study and Aids memorial quilt in design and technology lessons. The guidance, sponsored by publisher Pearson and the Government Equalities Office from a £1million grant given to LGBT organisations, also suggests that students in religious education lessons be taught about naming ceremonies for those who change gender.

This lesson plan is also a good example of the LGBT campaign’s devious methods: Notice here that the lesbian couple referred to are named Fatima and Shanika, both of which are traditional Muslim girls’ names. The reason for this is simple: British Muslims have been wreaking havoc on the plans of LGBT organizations by mounting effective and vociferous pushback to sex ed programming in UK schools, and in several instances have managed to get these lessons pulled through sustained protest. At least five schools have pulled this programming so far due to the protests of Muslim parents, and it appears that those creating the LGBT lessons have taken special care to craft curriculum that will sound familiar to Muslim children, all the while subverting the values their parents attempt to inculcate at home.

Chief executive of Christian Concern, Andrea Williams, told the Times that Stonewall’s inclusive guidance was disguising a ‘manipulative agenda aimed brazenly at our youngest and most impressionable’. She added: ‘This curriculum is deeply subversive. It should be scrapped.’…Stonewall said: ‘Our new guide, Creating an LGBT-Inclusive Primary Curriculum, is a free voluntary resource for primary school teachers who want to make their classrooms inclusive and accepting of all young people.’

Inclusive and accepting of everyone, of course, except for those who hold to the traditional understanding of sexuality and marriage. The point of this curriculum, of course, is to ensure that children of Christian and Muslim parents emerge from the public school system transformed into good secular progressives by their education. Christians, of course, are increasingly despised in the United Kingdom. Muslim parents, however, are throwing a monkey wrench into everything for the LGBT activists, because the primary bearers of the rainbow banner are also enthusiastic campaigners against Islamophobia.

So what happens when a rapidly growing Muslim minority faces off with the secular progressive establishment over the same issues of sexuality that caused the Christians to be so despised? It will be very, very interesting to see how this unfolds over the next few years.

2 thoughts on “LGBT lessons in the UK are designed to indoctrinate children from the age of five–and Muslim parents are furious

  1. june van farowe says:

    What is behind this harassment? Why do they rub the Gay agenda in our faces? We figure, well we’ll let them be. But they won’t let Christians be! Don’t they know that we are so timid that sexual issues rarely come up, even in our churches? I wish we could get some angry protestors out on the streets. We are not like the angry protesting done by Muslims. Guess we could join the protest…. we should be outside of every public school.

  2. Rob C. says:

    It is clear what will be the result, and it works for THEM.
    The Muslims will eventually react violently, using terror attacks. Then, the right will be lumped in with the Muslims as religious terrorists (which is already a thing) and the left gets to have its cake and eat it too. Plus, it will enhance their ability to use the perceived hatred from the right to further indoctrinate the kids as well as take them from objecting parents.

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