“Non-binary” ID coming to another Canadian province as Conservatives cave

By Jonathon Van Maren

On Monday, I reported on the British government’s plan to ban “sex-change” surgeries for underage children, and I noted that I was somewhat surprised that Boris Johnson’s Tories were actually acting on a socially conservative policy. Right across the West, conservative political parties have caved to the Sexual Revolution, and their resistance to social change generally involves them trailing behind the leftist progressive parties, shouting, “We agree! We agree!”

Canadian conservative parties are particularly nauseating in this regard, with the early days of the current federal Conservative leadership race involving a social media campaign from former Harper Cabinet minister Peter MacKay assuring conservative voters that he will most definitely be showing up at the Pride Parade in June. Presumably, he will do some sort of online tribute to the LGBTQ2S+ transformation of our society since the COVID-19 pandemic has denied him the chance to scamper about with the drag queens and leather dudes to display his progressive bona fides (and hopefully nothing else).


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