Trans activists call fact that only women get cervical cancer a “disgustingly transphobic lie “

By Jonathon Van Maren

There are plenty of LGBT media sites crowding the market these days, but as British commentator Douglas Murray has pointed out, few achieve the sheer “malice” of Pink News. Pink News is a launchpad for vicious attacks on anyone who disagrees with the LGBT agenda, and these days, it is the “T” for “transgender” in that acronym that is getting the most attention.

Consider this July 13 headline, for example: “UK’s biggest cervical cancer charity shuts down disgustingly transphobic lie that ‘only females get cervical cancer.’” I’ll give you a moment to blink, re-read that, and confirm that you read what you thought you read. As it turns out, the idea that “only females get cervical cancer” is a “disgustingly transphobic lie.” This is because we have now ‘discovered’ that gender is fluid, and that many men have cervixes (and, to be fair, many women have penises.)


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