Senator Scott Wiener’s new trans law will result in vulnerable women locked up with biologically male rapists

By Jonathon Van Maren

Earlier this year, California state senator Scott Wiener attracted outrage when he spear-headed a bill fighting to help gay statutory rapists avoid the sex offender’s registry. Back in 2017, he championed a law reducing the crime of knowingly exposing a sexual partner to HIV without disclosing the infection from a felony to a misdemeanour (a law which also applied to HIV-positive people donating blood.) And now, Governor Gavin Newsom is set to sign Wiener’s latest project. From ABC News:

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a law on Saturday requiring California to house transgender inmates in prisons based on their gender identity — but only if the state does not have “management or security concerns.” The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation houses men and women in separate facilities. Transgender inmates are often housed based on their sex assigned at birth. Advocates say this is dangerous, particularly for transgender women housed in facilities for men.

The law Newsom signed Saturday says officers must ask inmates privately during the intake process if they identify as transgender, nonbinary or intersex. Those inmates can then request to be placed in a facility that houses either men or women. The law says the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation cannot deny those requests solely because of inmates’ anatomy, sexual orientation or “a factor present” among other inmates at the facility.

But the state can deny those requests if it has “management or security concerns.” If a request is denied, the state must give the inmate a written statement explaining the decision and give the inmate a “meaningful opportunity” to object.

Sen. Scott Wiener, a Democrat from San Francisco who authored the bill, said he doesn’t expect that exception to be used very often. “It’s just a false narrative about transgender people and about transgender women in particular that they’re somehow not really women and are just trying to scam their way into women’s bathrooms or facilities in order to do bad things,” Wiener said. “Overwhelmingly the people who are being victimized are trans people.”

Wiener’s entire career is dedicated to advancing an extreme version of LGBT “rights” at the expense of everybody else (victims of statutory rape, partners of those with HIV who refuse to disclose it), and this time is no different. If he bothered to read a newspaper, he would know that wherever biological men identifying as women get locked up in female prisons, awful things happen. A female prisoner in Illinois alleges that a “transgender woman” — a male — raped her in prison. Justin Trudeau’s trans policies have resulted in women being locked up with male sex offenders and killers. In fact, a man who raped, tortured, and murdered a 13-year-old girl decided to identify as a female and get himself transferred to a female prison in Canada. In the U.K., prisoners are reportedly identifying as transgender to get a cushier time in prison. Female inmates immediately began reporting sexual assaults. And there are many more examples.

Scott Wiener is responsible for vulnerable women being locked behind bars with convicted rapists with fully functioning penises. All evidence indicates that this is going to end very, very badly for those women. But Wiener’s track record proves that he couldn’t care less.

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