What did Biden’s Christian voters cast their ballot for? This.

By Jonathon Van Maren

Over 70 million Christians are alleged to have voted for Joe Biden for president. This is unfortunately not surprising, as many have been persuaded that it is acceptable to root for a candidate who advocates for feticide throughout all nine months of pregnancy by the media, by progressive Christians, and by the hard work put in by alleged pro-lifers who claimed that a pro-abortion candidate could technically be more “pro-life.”

I’m not going to bother to relitigate the Donald Trump question here again — I’ve written much on that subject already, and supporting a pro-abortion candidate is fundamentally immoral even if you reject the alternative (and vote third party, for example). In short, there is absolutely no excuse to vote for someone who supports killing society’s most vulnerable members in the womb — period.

Instead, I’m simply going to point out to Biden voters whom they allied with when they cast their ballot.

If voting for a man who has supported abortion for 47 years doesn’t make you uncomfortable, perhaps it might make you uncomfortable to discover that Planned Parenthood, an organization responsible for hundreds of thousands of pre-born deaths (many in minority communities) was celebrating with you:

You voted for change. You voted for your future. You voted for Joe Biden. The work is just getting started. Today, we celebrate; tomorrow, we get to work.

Indeed you did. That work they’re referring to? That’s expanding the abortion industry. That future they’re talking about? It’s the abortion industry getting tens of millions of your tax dollars to fund feticide. This is the sort of celebration that could accurately be described as “grave-dancing” — and there you are, arm in arm with them. Strange bedfellows? Maybe. Maybe not.

Ilyse Hogue, the head of NARAL Pro-Choice America (who once announced her abortion to cheers at the Democratic Convention), also celebrated with Biden’s Christian voters. She posted a photo on Twitter depicting a paraphrased quote from Dr. King: “Seize THIS moment to bend the moral arc back toward justice.” Her caption read: “[W]e’ve been granted opportunity. Let’s use it wisely.” Whom does Hogue mean by “we”? She means the abortion industry. They see Biden’s presidency as an “opportunity.” They plan to “use it wisely.” If they get their way, it will mean the end of the Hyde Amendment, which has saved up to 2.4 million lives.

NARAL, for the record, posted this on Twitter: “BREAKING: @KamalaHarris just made history as the first woman, first Black woman, and first Asian American woman elected as vice president! She’s always been a champion of reproductive freedom, and we can’t wait to have her fighting for all of us.” When they say she’s always been a “champion of reproductive freedom,” they mean abortion (an obvious point, I know, but millions of Christian voters didn’t seem to get that). Harris has happily used her political powers to target pro-life journalists like David Daleiden in the past as well — so that’s something else to look forward to.

Cecile Richards, former head of Planned Parenthood and America’s most carnivorous abortion activist, actually had the gall to post: “Excited for all the babies this year who will be named Kamala!” If her people have their way and get the government funding they’re hoping for, a whole lot more babies will die in the womb before being given any name at all (and you can bet Planned Parenthood is hoping to increase its profit margins over the next few years). Richards, I’m sure, is thankful for all those Christian voters who joined her in voting for a future that includes far fewer children but a whole lot more profit cash for the abortion industry.

So to those Christian Biden voters who are celebrating today: Just know what you are celebrating, and whom you are celebrating with. You are celebrating with Planned Parenthood, with NARAL Pro-Choice America, with Cecile Richards and Ilyse Hogue, and with the abortionists who are prepared for their industry to be flush with government cash — your cash. You knew that this was going to happen, too — Joe Biden told us all what he was going to do to expand the abortion industry and roll back any existing protections for pre-born children in his online platform for everyone to see.

At the end of the day, that’s what Joe promised you — and that’s what you voted for.

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