Biden victory could lead to massive increase in chemical abortions

By Jonathon Van Maren

Despite losing seats in the House and failing to retake the Senate, progressives are hoping that a Biden Administration can retake lost ground and conquer new territory even if the Equality Act and court-packing are off the table (although that could change if the Democrats win the Georgia runoff races.) As I noted last week, the Human Rights Campaign has already presented Biden with a department-by-department plan for integrating the LGBT agenda throughout the entire federal government, transforming both domestic and international policy—replete with a request that a Biden Administration target Christian institutions by denying them accreditation.

Austin Ruse of C-Fam, a pro-life and pro-family organization working at the United Nations to stymie the agenda of abortion activists, has also stated that a Biden presidency will “destroy all our work.” For starters, Ruse noted in an email blast, Biden will eliminate the Mexico City Policy so American taxpayer dollars can start flowing into the coffers of the international abortion industry; refund the UN Population Fund; start pushing for pro-abortion language in international documents; appoint radical pro-abortion and pro-LGBT negotiators to the UN; and demand that poor countries accept his radical anti-life and anti-family agenda. On my podcast this month, Polish philosopher and MEP Ryszard Legutko echoed Ruse’s concerns.


One thought on “Biden victory could lead to massive increase in chemical abortions

  1. Navi says:

    Exactly. Pro-life groups (with the exception of Live Action, which has done a lot of good work on this) don’t seem to be pushing back nearly as aggressively as they should be. The abortion industry (which includes the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) is heavily promoting allowing all healthcare professionals to prescribe RU-486, without the need for an ultrasound or informed consent. Their efforts include conducting dangerous and unethical studies on women in third-world countries and pushing all complications under the rug (unless the study is about abortion pill reversal, in which case the study is immediately discontinued and the complications make headline news). Some Democratic presidential candidates supported making the abortion pill available without a prescription, and in the UK they have “Pills by Post”, where getting an abortion is about as easy as ordering a pizza (easier actually, because you generally have to pay for the pizza yourself). This could make many of the pro-life movement’s hard-fought victories completely irrelevant, even if we do manage to finally overturn Roe. Coerced abortions would become far easier, and there have been cases where babies as old as 28 weeks have been aborted through this method. It’s not clear that a Biden administration would actually change anything on RU-486, but pro-life advocates need to make sure their senators ensure that any FDA commissioner or HHS secretary commits to upholding the Bush-Obama-Trump status quo.

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