Is this the beginning of the end for Pornhub?

By Jonathon Van Maren

It is a safe bet that most people reading this don’t have much use for The New York Times, the once-grand Gray Lady that long ago devolved into a viper’s pit of progressives who despise everything social conservatives stand for. But that said, when the “paper of record” decides to tackle an issue, it means something. The New York Times still has clout. And last week, one of their most prominent columnists — Nicholas Kristof, the recipient of two Pulitzer Prizes — decided to take on Pornhub.

Kristof’s column is chillingly titled “The Children of Pornhub,” and he takes no prisoners. He is obviously incensed by what he discovered, and tweeted his findings to none other than the Canadian prime minister: “A special question for Canada, because Pornhub is based in Montreal. Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau, you are rightly proud of your reputation as a feminist. So why does Canada host a company that inflicts rape videos on the world?” Somehow, I suspect that Trudeau won’t answer.

The horrifying orgy of rape, sexual abuse, torture, and sadism that unfolds daily on Pornhub won’t be news to most of my readers, but it is worth taking a look at a few excerpts from Kristof’s column. Many people who badly want to ignore the brutality of the porn industry have had their attention dragged to what is going on, and it is gruesome stuff. Pornhub, Kristof notes, racks up 3.5 billion visits a month, more than Netflix or Amazon.


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