Attention Chilliwack residents: Important school trustee election imminent

If you’re from my hometown of Chilliwack, British Columbia, I’d like to draw your attention to a very important local election currently underway for school trustee. Since gender ideology and the SOGI sex education curriculum became such a prominent issue in the province, those chosen to serve as school trustee have become far more important—and Chilliwack has an opportunity to elect a strongly pro-family trustee, Richard Procee. Many of you may not ordinarily vote in these local elections, but I strongly urge you to consider voting in this one.

Check out Richard’s Facebook page here.

If you want an idea of what Richard’s primary challenger is like, check out this article and watch the video.

There’s another video of Carin Bondar’s work that’s circulating that is too pornographic for me to link to, but it depicts her waving around enormous penises, hoisting a sign that says “legalize everything,” and doing other things I’ll leave unmentioned. She defended her resume in a puff piece in Chilliwack Progress, but I’d posit that someone who advocates “legalizing everything” in a sexually explicit video should perhaps not be the sort of person elected to make decisions about children’s education.

Read my Q and A with Richard’s team below—and again, please consider voting—instructions on how to do so are at the bottom of this post.

Why is it so important that people come out and vote?

Richard needs voter support from Chilliwack community members who value family, the protection of our children, solid education, parental involvement and freedom of speech. This segment of the community needs to come out and vote, whether they have children in school or not, whether their children are in private or public school. The outcome of the vote has an impact on everyone in Chilliwack. Education shapes our community.

What are the stakes in this trustee election?

There is one empty seat on the School Board. The existing 6 are at an impasse. Activism and accusations have allowed the School Board to lose their perspective on why they are there.  Student achievement, parental input, teacher support and wise management of resources need to retain the priority of the Board’s purpose.

At stake is the direction and focus of the agenda. The outcome of the election will fill the remaining seat.  Will it be dictated by the government and unhealthy activism or will students, parents and teachers be able to speak and voice their input concerning their education?

Richard wants to bring the focus of the school board back to its educational goals and practical applications while avoiding the identity politics currently influencing our community and society.

What does Richard represent, and what does his opponent represent?

Richard represents family; parental involvement, education, community, respect, integrity, healthy conversation.

Richard has 25 solid years in the community of involvement, support and generosity.

There are 3 opponents.  The most prominent opponent, Carin Bondar, stands for inclusivity, diversity, science & evolution.  The other two candidates are Adam Suleman and Brian VanGarderen.

How and where can people vote?

Voting opportunities are as follows:


February 3, 8am-8pm

@Chilliwack Landing Sports


45530 Spadina Avenue

February 10, 8am-8pm and

February 11, 11am-7pm

@Heritage Park

44140 Luckakuck Way


February 13, 8am-8pm

@Chilliwack Landing Sports

Center or

@Heritage Park

to vote, bring 2 pieces of ID

more info:

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