AHA: The Anti-Abortionists Who Fight Other Pro-Lifers Part I

I joined Josh Brahm of the Equal Rights Institute for a discussion on an anti-abortion organization that opposes the pro-life movement for a variety of reasons. In Part I, we delve into the history of the “Abolish Human Abortion” group. The next episode comes out in two weeks. If you want to download the episode on MP3, you can do so here.

One thought on “AHA: The Anti-Abortionists Who Fight Other Pro-Lifers Part I

  1. C. C. says:

    I want to thank you for pointing out the hypocrisy and the inconsistency of the AHA.

    Through the Justice Foundation, we are the only
    Several years ago I was asked to speak at the OKC state Capitol for the Personhood amendment.
    The AHA was there, and they publically humiliated me.
    They weren’t as powerful as they are now.
    Their tactics border on Westboro Baptist churches tactics and their known behaviour( in my opinion).
    I’m not sure if you are aware but T Russell Hunter was arrested for drunk driving in a residential neighborhood.
    A car can be a mighty instrument of death just as the tools of the abortionist are.
    Maybe someone should show up at one of his events with a big giant billboard of his mugshot.

    T Russell Hunter just may have a different Jesus;
    I see no love in the way he approaches other bros & sisters N Christ who truly care about others I asked them to show me where in the Gospels where Jesus ever condemned women. Instead JESUS stood up…LITERALLY for women.
    He empowered women and men to come to Him and receive LIFE But FIRST, as you know, He had to take care of the sin issue.
    John 1:26.
    John 10.10

    I see absolutely no LOVE OR FRUIT from AHA.

    Instead, all I see is attack after attack upon people In the prolife movement
    The world is watching and seeing also that there is no love In these people proclaiming the name of Christ.

    Again, thank you for addressing the AHA.
    Greatly appreciated gentlemen.

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