France calls wokeness “a danger for our country,” bans gender-neutral language in schools (and other stories)

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Weirdly enough, Emmanuel Macron in France continues to push back against wokeness while the geriatric American president Joe Biden remains in its thrall. From The Daily Wire:

France is continuing to crackdown on far-left attempts to make the country woke by banning the use of gender-neutral language in schools, saying that the push was a threat to the French language altogether and could push people to learn English instead.

“The country’s education ministry issued the ruling last week after a push to include full stops in the middle of written words – dubbed ‘midpoints’ – which allow both male and female forms to be represented simultaneously,” The Daily Mail reported. “In French grammar, nouns take on the gender of the subject to which they refer, with male preferred over female in mixed settings.”

The Académie Française, a nearly 400-year-old institution that guards the French language, pushed back on the attempt to make the language woke, saying that it is “harmful to the practice and understanding of [French.]”

Nathalie Elimas, the State Secretary for Priority Education, said on Thursday that the attempts to make the language woke were “a danger for our country” and “the death knell for the use of French in the world.”

Read the whole thing. The French have it right—but the English-speaking world continues to permit the LGBT movement to cannibalize and colonize our language.


A Malta politician has put forward a bill to decriminalize abortion. The pro-life movement is pushing back; abortion activists say it doesn’t go far enough.


I interviewed Mark Lee Dickson, the pastor spearheading a movement to have local governments pass ordinances declaring their towns and cities “Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn” and banning abortion. It is a unique and fascinating movement.


Over at The American Conservative, I interviewed Hungarian Family Minister Katalin Novák on family policy and how to reduce abortion. I’ve wanted to interview her for a long time, so this was a real treat.


Texas has just passed a six-week abortion ban as hundreds of pro-life laws advance across the United States.


If you needed more reasons to believe that our international institutions are poisonous, C-FAM has a story for you:

A UN agency is again immersed in controversy for a recent report suggesting there is no conclusive evidence that children exposed to pornography are harmed.

The report published by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) addresses how government policy can be used to protect children from harmful, abusive and violent content online.  Its conclusion is based on a European study of 19 EU countries that found in most countries, most children who saw pornographic images were “neither upset nor happy.” In fact, the report UNICEF relies on says 39 percent of Spanish children were happy after seeing pornography.

Porn fighters disagree with the UNICEF data. “UNICEF’s report ignores the vast body of research demonstrating the harms of pornography to children. By ignoring the real harms pornography can have, UNICEF is playing roulette with children’s health and safety,” said Lisa Thompson, vice president and director of the Research Institute at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

Read the whole thing.


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