New children’s book attempts to mainstream abortion with kids

By Jonathon Van Maren

Back in 2019, I reviewed a fantastic new book called Pro-Life Kids! by Bethany Bomberger, wife of pro-life activist Ryan Bomberger and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation. It is a Dr. Seuss-style book on life in the womb and why pre-born babies should be protected, written in an age-appropriate fashion. Children instinctively recognize the preciousness of babies in the womb, and Bomberger’s beautiful children’s book helps to ground those instincts.

Earlier this year, a very different sort of book was released. What’s an Abortion, Anyway? is a so-called children’s book produced by two abortion doulas: Mar, who utilizes the pronouns “they/them,” is “a brown genderqueer” who uses the name “Emulsify,” and is in a same-sex relationship with a woman who provided the illustrations. Carly Manes, who describes herself as a “white, queer” woman who “has been a practicing abortion doula for over six years, supporting more than 2,000 individuals during their in-clinic procedures” provided the text.

According to Mar and Carly, the book is intended to help children understand abortion and those who have had abortions. They also emphasize that people “of all gender identities get pregnant,” and thus people of all “gender identities” also get abortions. Their book, they state, “honors” all those who get abortions, and their book is dedicated to women who have chosen to abort their children. This is unsurprising, considering how committed the authors are to mainstreaming feticide – Manes, after all, has been party to at least 2,000 abortions through her work.


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